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Airline meal ad detail, c. 1953. Image: Wikipedia.
Airline meal ad detail, c. 1953. Image: Wikipedia.

The survey results are coming, I promise. Until then, I’ve been fascinated by some of the answers to the question, “Any PaperGirl entries stick out in your mind over the years?”

This one got several nods. In the interest of getting some sleep for heaven’s sakes, today’s post is archival. WARNING: This story involves “cute” little girls that aren’t, actually, a stern airline attendant, and farts. ¬†And if that doesn’t make you want to check it out, surely this will:

“Gracie! Gracie! Gracie! Gracie! Gracie! Gracie. Gracie!”

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  1. Susan
    | Reply

    Worst. Flight. Ever. Ok, I agree. This is right up there in the PaperGirl unforgettable column!

  2. Kathi Bryan
    | Reply

    Oh, my! I have to laugh but it couldn’t have been fun at the time.

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