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My family, c. 1982. Photo credit: Unknown.
My family, c. 1982. Photo credit: Unknown.

I’m in New York City tonight.

Dinner with my amazing, elder, Manhattan-dwelling sister and my mother. Mom and I are here for the Quilters Take Manhattan event this weekend; I’m emceeing the big event tomorrow and Mom’s a special guest.

We start tomorrow at 8:30 a.m., so¬†tonight, there’s only time and energy for a reach into the archives. This summer. Me and Claus. We went to Iowa, to my hometown. I had thoughts about that and you can read them right here.

That picture up there of my family is interesting. It was taken of my mom and dad, my paternal grandparents, and my two sisters and me in 1982 at the christening of my little sister Rebecca.

I’m the one looking right at you.

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  1. Val
    | Reply

    You haven’t changed a bit!!!

    • Nancy McFall
      | Reply

      She’s taller.

  2. Jackie Roisler
    | Reply

    Love this story, clicked on the other 2 stories. While I feel sadness about what y’all went through, I loved your writings and “J”.

  3. Marcia Kasprzyk
    | Reply

    Enjoyed seeing you at Quilters Take Manhattan today (yesterday as it is now after midnight). I love these kind of pictures of our family histories.

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