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See below for key! Photo and fancy graphics: Me.
See below for key! Photo and fancy graphics: Me.


It might not look like much.

But that’s my living room table-slash-sewing table-slash-second desk, a.k.a. Mission Control. I’ve got a presentation tomorrow (did a mini one today, too) and so many things due and last week I was in four states. I have decided the best way to keep things straight is to a) focus on one thing at a time and b) take pictures of everything and label them with numbers.

(Just kidding about the second thing except it’ll be fun to do it right now so let’s do it.)

Here’s what’s on my desk:

  1. The “Heart Plus” cloth bucket my friend Theresa made for me when I went to Portland last year and saw her and the gang at the Portland Modern Quilt Guild and Fabric Depot. I use it every day, T. (My sewing machine is about two inches from the frame of this picture, by the way.)
  2. My class readings for The Literary Animal class (orange notebook) and my “citizen scientist” fieldwork journal. We read Virginia Woolf’s “Flush” for this week’s discussion. Do you know that novel? It’s great! Woolf wrote it from the point of view of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s cocker spaniel. What a woman!
  3. My Tivoli radio. I have to bang on it to get it to work and that’s half the fun.
  4. Pencil cup.
  5. A printout of Winslow Homer’s “Croquet Scene,” 1866. I can’t tell you more at the moment, but just you wait. I’m gonna blow your mind later this week when I tell you about this picture! It’s part of an assignment. I’m freaking out!
  6. I went to visit my friend Sophie’s School of the Art Institute (SAIC) studio today. While we were talking, she took an illustration of a girl reading books in a library off her wall and got out a spiral thingy and took out this thing that looked like a cross between a three-hole punch and a paper cutter and she made me a journal. While we were talking and eating generic M&Ms. She knows bookbinding and just like, made me a little spiral journal while I was complaining about needing just 2-3 more hours in the day. This is art school, I think.
  7. To-do list. (Second one today.)
  8. My latest poem: “The Field Mouse.” See No. 5 and stay tuned!!!
  9. My day planner (yep, paper) and a handout that are the exact same color of banana yellow. I didn’t even plan it.
  10. Log cabin blocks that I showed in class today. Yup: all-white. So many things to tell you, so much art to make, so little energy left in my fingers to type it…
  11. High-contrast blocks I also showed in class today. Guess what? Everyone loves patchwork. Everyone melts when they see fabric in pretty shapes sewn together. Isn’t that what we do, quilting friends? We take soft fabric and we make pretty shapes and we sew them together. When you share patchwork in a class full of art people who are getting writing degrees, you inspire like 90 stories or poems or journal entries, etc., etc. I saw it happen. I was there. It was so awesome.

There is a No. 12.

It is me, asleep under the table. Goodnight!

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  1. Gina
    | Reply

    So happy that you use paper stuff!! So happy that you are SO happy!!

  2. Dale Odberg
    | Reply

    Am loving it ( hard to read your print in this new style, & really have to strain my eyes to read my print…..)

  3. James Erlichman Rudolfo Koenig
    | Reply

    Looking forward to Field Mouse – Paper Girl was really good and the performance of it was really impressive I mean that, because really, I’m usually annoyed as hell by poetry slams – anyhow now -, about the desk,Fons – lose something on it – it will be a much better desk once you start losing stuff on it or behind it. When I finally got around to cleaning up this old ass hat of a place last summer i actually found a letter to William Peter Blattey. I’d written that letter the summer before and wasn’t sure where it had gone. But there it was, dust-bunny bit behind my desk and I finally got it sent. He actually wrote back, That was really friggin’ cool. And if you get a chance read Which Way To Mecca, Jack? by Blattey. It’s kind of hard to believe this is the same guy who wrote The Exorcist. Of course, not now, you’re probably too busy but keep it in mind – also keep in mind Sterling Hayden’s Wanderer – and if you don’t remember who Sterling Hayden is, he’s the actor that played the police captain that Micheal Corleone whacks at the restaurant with the other gangster in the Godfather. Anyhow, Wanderer is one helluva memoir and I don’t say this much, but it’s a MUST READ.. Also, a used, whiskey dented, beat to sh%& file cabinet is also good for the soul. Throw it off a flatbed for good luck. Anyhow,,Hang tough Fons. You know your words on condensed milk and tea have got me shopping on Amazon for a tea kettle. Haven’t bought one yet, but will. I’m between paydays and ain’t that a bummer. Sorry to ramble… have a good day. I shut up now.

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