Hallo, Berlin und Claus! (I’m Going To Germany.)

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Berlin, looking very winter wonderland-y. Photo: Wikipedia.
Berlin, looking very winter wonderland-y. Photo: Wikipedia.


I am excited for 2017.

This is partly because 2016 has utterly exhausted everyone, including me — and it ain’t over yet — and also because seven is a fetching number to have in a year, don’t you think?

There was something else… Oh! I’m going to visit Claus!

My dear friend, my favorite philosophy professor: Claus. You know the fellow: movie dates, trips to visit my family’s old farm, the one-man paper supply. When I was notified a very, very, very cheap ticket to Berlin online the other day (seriously, that ticket was so low I’m concerned they’ve got me on a kite or a pigeon or something) I rang the man up. And we made a plan. And we celebrated, because Ze American and Ze German are going to have a week in January together in Berlin. Sure, it’ll be cold, but that’s what wool coats and hot coffee are for, right? I have already practiced the following two German words:

heißer Kaffee (hot coffee)
Wollemantel (wool coat)

The capitalization is the tough part.

But isn’t this just the best? I haven’t been out of the country since 2011, I’ve never been to Germany, and even before I met Claus, Germany was at the top of my wanna-go list. But of course the reason 2017 is going to be good is because Claus is there — at least for a week in January — and I miss that person.

There will be many pictures, much rejoicing, and probably strudel.

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  1. Nancy H
    | Reply

    Badezimmer = bathroom

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      or, often more urgently necessary: Toilette (all letters are pronounced, including final vowels, and the stress is almost always on the second syllable)

    • Ursula
      | Reply

      WC, (Vey, tsey) 😉

    • Denise
      | Reply

      I’m so happy for you. I’m ready for 2017 as well!

  2. Kelly Ashton
    | Reply

    How absolutely wonderful, Mary!! I’m delighted for you!!!

  3. Nancy Neely
    | Reply

    What fun! Have a great time!

  4. ~ cheryl mendenhall
    | Reply

    Ahhh -Berlin! My daughter has lived in Berlin for almost ten years now. It’s a captivating, amazing city. You and Claus will enjoy it together. And everywhere there is history and the Maurer, memorials and museums. Please make a point to see the Pergamon, especially if you haven’t seen the Middle East or Egypt. The coffee and bakeri items are wonderful.

  5. Karen
    | Reply


  6. Lisa Gainey Floyd
    | Reply

    Sooooo happy for you. Enjoy that young life of yours and live it to the fullest.

  7. Judy Forkner
    | Reply

    Yay! Great news! Have a wonderful time! You might want to add long underwear to your packing list. I majored in German in college, but that was approaching 50 years ago–I don’t remember much & doubt I ever learned the word for underwear!

  8. Marianne ten Kate
    | Reply

    As someone else with freinds in far flung places, my German friends introduced me to the concept of gemütlich which you probably know from Claus. But the Dutch take it one step further with gezellig which also encompasses the joy of seeing a dear friend after an absence. Have a gezelligst (the superlative form) time, as my Dutch ancestors would say! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gezelligheid

  9. Lisa
    | Reply

    So glad for you. Happy, happy, HAPPY!

  10. Susan
    | Reply


  11. Wanda Rains
    | Reply

    With all your bizziness this year you deserve an awesome break.

  12. Kathi Bryan
    | Reply

    That sounds like a plan. I have to admit I’m envious. My younger brother live in Germany but I know I’ll never be able to visit and he doesn’t make it home nearly offen enough.

  13. Leslie Osborn
    | Reply

    Have a great time Mary!

  14. Jackie Roisler
    | Reply

    My heart is so very happy for you Mary.

  15. Tracy
    | Reply

    Wonderful! Have fun!

  16. Lesley Gilbert
    | Reply

    I’ve been to Germany many times, to visit the love of my life. But he married somebody else. Life goes on ….

    I’m happy to know you’ll see your wonderful Mr (Santa) Claus again 🙂

  17. Linda Duff
    | Reply

    Guten Tag! (Good Day)
    Guten Morgan (Good Morning)
    Ich liebe Dich …. (I love you) …. (the ‘ch’ is pronounced like a soft ‘k’) “eek leeba deek”
    I took 2 years of German in high school, and most of that, along with most of the shorthand, is out of my brain …..
    Have fun .. safe travels, and all that good stuff !!
    The Bag Lady from Winterset

  18. Linda Snodgrass
    | Reply

    Don’t forget sausage and beer

  19. Jennifer
    | Reply

    Practice that German! It’s _your_ turn to say adorable things! 🙂


  20. Catherine
    | Reply

    Have a great time Mary!

  21. Nadine
    | Reply

    That is so wonderful! Have a great time!!!

  22. Sarah
    | Reply

    Hot dang! Way to go, Mary. Don’t forget to get to have hot chocolate with whipped cream on top and LOTS of real German strudel.

  23. Mandy Laseter
    | Reply

    So excited for you!

  24. Anne
    | Reply

    I am sure you will have lots of fun in Berlin! I also highly recommend the Pergamon Museum – its utterly impressive and maybe a short trip to see the palace of Sanssouci.

    Vocabulary lesson: its Wollmantel – no e, don’t ask my why my language is unnecessarily complicated

  25. Berlin, Chicago. - Mary Fons
    | Reply

    […] Claus lives in Berlin. Claus didn’t go over to the Christkindlemarket today, but he might have. He’ll go see his mother outside of Hamburg on Sunday; surely he’ll take her a gift. He could’ve gone to the Christkindlemarket in Berlin, not far from his home. He didn’t, though, so Claus is not dead or injured. […]

  26. […] Wednesday, I am going to fly on a plane and land in Berlin! Just over a month ago, I got a cheap, cheap ticket for a quick, quick trip and now the journey is almost upon us.* It’s been over five years […]

  27. […] begin with this post, wherein I announced my plans for the trip. Oh, what a happy lass I was, playing in the fields of […]

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