“The Gift of a Closer Look” (From The Quilt Scout.)

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Star of Bethlehem with Pomegranate Trees, New York, c. 1850. Image: Wikipedia via Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


Tonight, I’m gonna scoot you over to the newest Quilt Scout column, brought to you by the fine folks at Quilts, Inc., the people who bring you Quilt Market, Quilt Festival, and all manner of cool quilt industry things that you should know about (like the upcoming “Beauty In Pieces” exhibit, which has been juried and judged and all that. I’m sure they’re going to let the folks know the results very soon. For the record: Everyone is amazing and quilters are the best people on the planet.)

This one was fun to write because I describe the quilt history research project I’m doing for my cool class in the Fiber and Material Studies Department. I am debating whether or not to send it to my professor. On the one hand, she’d love it; on the other hand, gross. The teacher’s pet thing has never been a good look, you know?

Enjoy, comrades.


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  1. Melody A.
    | Reply

    it is a beautiful Quilt!!! as for you being the teacher’s pet, I can totally see why you would be! Take care from Iowa

  2. Denise Braybrooke
    | Reply

    Beautiful! I love quilts!

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