Let’s Talk About Being Blonde.

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Who's that blonde chick? Never heard of her. Photo: Me.
Who’s that girl? Never heard of her! Photo: Me.


Back in October, I went blonde. Not Marilyn blonde. Not Madonna blonde. But like, definitely blondish.

Thing were changing in my life. I felt that to reflect The New Me, I needed a new attitude, a new hairdo. (I like saying things like “I needed a new attitude” and using words like “hairdo”; it makes me feel like a character in a pop song from 198os or a sitcom character in the 1950s.) Besides, I like changing my hair. Folks who watch the PBS show and/or watched Quilty over the years know that to be true; my hair is somewhat different in every season, pretty much. And why not? Changing your hair(do) is fun, it’s never permanent — even when it’s a perm — and I love getting shampooed by another human being. I mean, woah. That is the best.

When I thought over what I could do with my hair — I did not want to chop it off again — I realized I hadn’t been blonde in awhile. The last time I was sorta blonde was in 2013, but that was mostly a heavy highlight situation. Before that, it was high school. It was time.

It’s been a somewhat gradual transition, but now, sitting here in almost mid-February, I am darned blonde and I have to tell you: Blondes may indeed have more fun.

It’s not like I’m suddenly partying all day long and bathing in confetti and riding around in Lamborghini convertibles in a bikini, which is what I picture when I picture Blondes Having Fun. But I swear, people treat me differently lately. I’m serious. It’s weird. It’s good. But it’s a little weird.

I’m telling you now because I’ve been blonde long enough to say it with conviction: People like blonde people. Blonde women? It’s hard to give you hard evidence. It’s not like people go, “Oh, hello! You’re blonde. I like that. Right this way!” or “Miss, would you like a hot chocolate? I just want to buy you one!” All I can tell you is that people are smiling at me 10-15% more than usual. True story. Smiling is happening with slightly more frequency than before. I’m not smiling more than usual. I’m always smiling. I have not changed my smile quotient. It’s everyone else.

I wonder about my fellow artificially-blonde friends. Is the Blonde Effect true for you? Do you stay blonde because you are doing your part for the goodwill of man…or do you just like looking like a cutie-patootie?


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  1. Christine Houghton
    | Reply

    I agree! I’ve been coloring my hair blond many times over the last forty some years and I get a lot more attention then when my natural hair is a mousy brown. So enjoy, have more fun,lol.

  2. Dayna Williamson
    | Reply

    I was blonde all my life.Now that I’m in my 60s I do hot pink and purple or peacock green and blue. Afteralll…it’s only hair and I can change it tomorrow if I don’t like it.

  3. Jeanann Montney
    | Reply

    Bo matter your hair color you are ALWAYS a cutie-patootie!

  4. GrannyC
    | Reply

    Going for Cutie-Patootie!

  5. Michelle
    | Reply

    My sarcasm nulls and voids my Blonde. I have been blonde my whole life. I can read the sign on the door, friends… It is funny how people treat me like I “pull” through life, when the world “pushes”.

  6. Connie
    | Reply

    Hi Mary,,
    I have dabbled with blonde a few times in my 4o+years. The first time was a bit too dramatic, and had mixed reactions. Now, with the grey hairs starting to outnumber the brown ones,I have lots of platinum highlights and use a grey toner. Yes, that is a thing now. My stylist thought I was crazy for trying it. I agree, people do react differently to blondes. What I have always wondered is whether it is the hair or a change in my confidence, and therefore, a change in how world sees me.

    There have been a few challenging times in my life when I didn’t even thing about combing my hair, let alone styling it. My son’s cancer diagnosis (now a healthy teenager) was one of those moments. About a year ago, I had a scary, hormone-induced pulmonary emboli diagnosis. Although the treatment was life-saving, it also caused two nearly fatal hemorrhages. The dramatic and chronic loss of iron was life draining, and my hair starting falling out. My last trip to the ER in November for a blood transfusion finally convinced my docs to discontinue the anticoagulant. Three months later, and three iron infusions later, I am starting to see my hair fill in. I have very thick hair, and only those closest to noticed any thinning. I noticed and I think it impacted my confidence. My most recent trip to the hair salon was the best I have felt about my hair in almost and year. Lots of people have commented on my new hair colour, but again, is it the blonde colour, or is it that my confidence has returned?

  7. Julie
    | Reply

    You are cute no matter what color your hair may be at the present time. Plus your personality is always bright and sunny!

  8. Deb KimballS H5
    | Reply

    Oh yes. I was frosted blonde in my late 20s, which evolved to all over blonde in my 30s and 40s. I LOVED being a blonde. I’m not sure if being blond actually means more fun. But I know I felt good, and bright and sassy. So, ergo, more fun. I stayed with the variations of blonde for years. Then I moved to the desert and started working in my 60s at the local university. Huge change in lifestyle, finances and attitude. Loved my new work. I went RED. Yes red. Actually closer to strawberry blonde, but red nevertheless. I was sassy again. I am a firm believer in make whatever changes you want and/or need. It’s fun. It’s confidence building. And it’s great to be SASSY. Am now tinkering with turquoise and purple. What a gas.

  9. Sarah
    | Reply

    I was totally blond for 50 years & loved it. Tried going back to brown in my 30’s and was not a happy camper, so went back to blond starting with streaks. Much better. Am now grey/silver in front but those pesky back hairs insist on staying dark brown — phooey. Would love to be silver all over.

  10. Betty Elliott
    | Reply

    My hair is predominantly white (has been for quite some time). A couple of weeks ago I got Fairy Hair! I love it! It’s like having very fine strands of tinsel in your hair and it twinkles and sparkles in the light. It’s available in a rainbow of colors and for those of us with white hair, there is a special “diamond” color. It actually gets tied to your hair and will stay in as long as the hair it’s tied to stays attached to your head. I also get lots of attention because of it.

  11. Cathie Dawson
    | Reply

    Love the blonde!
    You see your pretty features first.
    Soft, young, fresh!

  12. Sarah
    | Reply

    I’m 31 yrs old and have been blonde for about 4 months. Let me tell you this is very true on how people look at you and treat you. It’s kind of sad in a way lol. I have the worst resting bitch face (pouty mouth) and I always had to walk around with somewhat a smile on my face and I still felt unapproachable and would get glares from people.
    Being blonde, I can be in a bad mood with my pouty mouth and people smile at me, approach me, talk to me no matter what. It’s definitely a nice change. Besides that, go blonde for you if you like it, don’t do it for that or anyone else. I did it to cover my greys *sigh* lol but I will take the new found attention, not gonna lie, it’s a nice treat 🙂

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