“How Long Did That Take You?” (The Scout Is IN!)

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"The Old Quilt [SCOUT]" by Walter Langley, date unknown. Image: Wikipedia.
“The Old Quilt [SCOUT]” by Walter Langley, date unknown. Image: Wikipedia.
Tonight, a cross-post, because you cannot believe the stack of reading I have to do before tomorrow — and you should’ve seen the piles I read for today. Some people make mountains out of molehills; some graduate school professors make them out of reading assignments. Holy mackerel.*

But worry not: This is no sloppy-seconds kind of post I’m offering; I’m actually particularly fond of this week’s Quilt Scout column on how to measure the time it takes for you to make a quilt. That’s the question quilters get asked the most, you know: “How long did that take you??”

I have come up with the answer and the answer is now yours for the using.

You are welcome; I am now going to go read an entire book and two PDF documents, all of which have copious footnotes. It was nice knowing you. Make sure Pendennis has all the candy pumpkins he needs. 

*Note to self: Look up etymology of “Holy mackerel.” Second note to self: Stop blogging this very instant and start reading all the things you have to read, Mary Fons. I mean it. I’m serious. Go. Mary. MARY.  

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  1. Ang
    | Reply

    What a great answer to “how long”! I’m making gowns for Angel Babies – and I need to start measuring this way 🙂 If anyone is interested in doing some non-quilt sewing, this is a great organization – a very rewarding feeling to make these. https://www.facebook.com/groups/609497359144074/?ref=bookmarks

  2. Barbara
    | Reply

    I am looking forward to using this explanation ‘how much time did it take to make this quilt’. Thank you Mary!

  3. Susan
    | Reply

    Brilliant idea for a response. The machine portion of my latest quilt took the first season of The Crown.

  4. Julie-Ann
    | Reply

    It once took me all episodes of House of Cards (BBC and Netflix versions) to make a pair of pajamas. Because I spent more time watching than sewing.

    I’ve since switched to audio books.

  5. Kate
    | Reply

    I thought Pendennis might be interested to know that “slurry” is the technical term for something that is neither liquid, nor solid, but exhibits the physical properties of both. A more common example than candy pumpkins, is slush.
    This is what happens when your Master’s degree is not in the arts. You never look at a slurpy the same way again! Good luck with the reading!

  6. Coley
    | Reply

    Thanks to ravelry.com, I actually have record of how long it took me to make most of the stuff I’ve knit. I actually made a spreadsheet once and figured out the averageis approximately 6 months. I need to update it, though.


  7. nadine donovan
    | Reply

    It is so funny to read your post today. I have heard this question so many times. Some times I do find it insulting. I am a Nurse–I once had a Dr ask me this same question—he actually broke it down in hours after putting a price value to it and then told me with his calculations and the time I spent on it -how much I would make an hour on it. I was like- Wow, you just don’t get it. Thank You for this wonderful post!

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