Bye, Bye, Monopoly Thimble: The Quilt Scout Is IN (and Annoyed.)

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See ya, little thimbles. Image: Wikipedia.
They’re only for actual Image: Wikipedia.


The first Quilt Scout of the month of March is up today, so I’d like to send you to the fine folks at Quilts, Inc. to check it out. I have to warn you: You will probably get sad. Why?

The Monopoly game people took the thimble out of the game.

Check it out here and sigh deeply. 

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  1. Ann Bailey
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  2. Debby Gravunder
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    I have my old Monopoly game. I will keep using the thimble and the iron in solidarity!

  3. Sylvia Blanchard
    | Reply

    I saw this when they first announced it, and I too was bummed. I’ve always chosen the thimble even before I could see. I’m so glad I still have my Monopoly game with thimble intact. If I have to buy a new game, I’ll take my thimble from my old game.

  4. Jennifer
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    I’d rather have a thimble than a cat any day. Though when I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was put the scotty in the roadster and have him drive around the board.

    I think an emoticon will become dated after a shorter timespan than the thimble.

    I just checked the interwebs and found photos of early pieces. I think I would’ve picked the bathtub every time!

  5. Dorothy
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    You all could have voted to keep the thimble instead of whining about it now.

    • Mary
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    • Angela
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      I happened to see a story about this on the internet one day a while back and I did vote for the thimble. It has always been the one I chose every time I’ve ever played Monopoly. I guess there weren’t enough votes, however.

  6. Barbara
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    This is SEW wrong!! Guess we were all sewing during the voting – SEW sad!

  7. Kathleen
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    This was crushing to me. I accepted when the iron was pulled. But, THE THIMBLE? Travesty.

  8. Carmen
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    I got through 3/4 of your column and thought “Well, I’ll just use my OWN thimble- take that, Monopoly!” And then I read your last line and beamed at our shared brilliance. 🙂 xoxo

  9. Kathleen Isaacks
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    Sorry to see the thimble go, but I love your suggestion to use your own. BTW, I tried most of the links on the page, and pretty much none of them work! Yikes!

  10. Barbara
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    This is so funny to me. Yesterday my 5 year old granddaughter asked me if I wanted to play Monopoly with her.
    As we were getting the game ready, (she always likes to do the money), we began to choose our pawns. I chose the cat, she chose the dog. I then asked her what I was last time, and she said “the thimble.” I didn’t realize the thimble was on it’s way out, I would have picked again for old time’s sake.

  11. Nadine donovan
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  12. Judy
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    OK, Mary Fons, put up yer dukes! Scotties are not a wimpy breed. They are personable, sturdy and very loyal. Their popularity was high during the Depression, when Monopoly was released.

    All kidding aside, the thimble should definitely stay in.

  13. Lisa Blue
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    This lovely little OpEd in our local newspaper:

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