My PenPal, Part II.

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The Post Office, by David Gilmour Blythe, c.1865. Image: Wikipedia.
The Post Office, by David Gilmour Blythe, c.1865. Image: Wikipedia.


I waxed on about my penpal yesterday and today, I’ll wax off. (That means I’ll wrap it up. I had to make the joke!)

The question posed on a postcard from my mystery penpal asked if there was more to life than pure biology. And I said I’d answer today. But when I sat down to write, I remembered that I don’t tackle spiritual/religious topics on the ol’ PG, as a rule — it’s just too personal a topic, I guess — so I am going to hereby back out of the question.

What I will do, however, is list ten things that I believe are pretty wonderful:

  • a marmalade kitten
  • warming your toes by a fire after coming in from a blizzard
  • laughter through tears
  • sisters
  • a top-shelf, perfectly made margarita (make mine up, with salt, please)
  • the feeling you get when you help someone
  • dulce de leche anything
  • art by kids (pretty much any art, pretty much any kid)
  • kissing
  • airplanes

I could keep going, of course. But those things, to me, cause me to believe that life is more than biology. I mean, dulce de leche? That is divinely inspired stuff. And marmalade kittens? And my sisters?  Come on. It’s all pure good.

Maybe my next letter to my penpal will answer this question more fully; it would be good for me to write more about it and after all, he asked. When I’m done thinking on paper, I’ll send that paper through the mail — that incredible, magical system that transforms mere words into something more official, more real, more meaningful.

Thanks, [PENPAL], for your friendship and for giving me the opportunity to write letters. PaperGirls like that stuff.


  1. Trena
    | Reply

    We certainly don’t write enough real letters these days. With email being cheaper and faster, unless you don’t have internet or any of the newer technology. I love you still write it all down, pen to paper. I see it a luxury when 20 years or so ago it was a necessity.

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