America, America.

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Fourth of July Parade, Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., 2014. Photo: Mike Licht via Wikipedia.
Fourth of July Parade, Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., 2014. Photo: Mike Licht via Wikipedia.


I’m not out tonight for the Fourth of July.

There are fireworks to be enjoyed at various points across the city, but great throngs of people and loud, intermittent ka-pows coming at me from different points in the immediate vicinity and/or sky isn’t so much my jam. My jam tonight is my couch, some butter pecan ice cream, Netflix, and blessed rest. Also: the sound of distant fireworks. Nice.

America, I love you so much. I’m worried sick about you half the time; a lot of us are. We’re wondering when you’re going to feel better. You look like you haven’t been sleeping very well lately, or maybe your iron levels are low. I know the feeling. But there are a lot of people rooting for you. So, so many people love you. Let’s start with that, keep that up front.

My home is in America.

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  1. Lori E
    | Reply

    Amen to that.wG8B

  2. Anita Brayton
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  3. Kathryn Darnell
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    HOPE is a 4-letter word that fills my soul and here’s another 4-letter word LOVE that just says it for me. My hope and love for America is HUGE. Not ‘hugely’ as some fools would say it but plain Ole huge. Mary, I am a student and lover of history and in the years of our founding there have definitely been times that have ‘tried our souls’. For every knucklehead and bombastic loudmouth there have been hundreds who have been quietly walking the right road showing their children what is good and right. We are still America. I understand what you are feeling, I see it, hear it and watch it on TV. Take some of my hope, I can share. Rest easy lady, rest and be well.

  4. Dawn
    | Reply

    Nice post Mary-Thanks

  5. Shermie
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  6. Sarah
    | Reply

    Right on the money.

  7. Linda Crandall
    | Reply

    We’ve always been a little rough around the edges. Don’t despair! You add to the kindness factor every day. I’ll continue to love our country and its people.

    God bless America and you!

  8. Monica D Hayden
    | Reply

    I hear you, sister!

  9. Barbara
    | Reply

    Mary, you took the words, actually you do that quite often, right out of my mouth. xo We do love America!

  10. […] “Terrific!” I thought. “It’s so nice to know that people are taking time for the holiday! Perhaps I should do the same.” And off I went to do something I can’t remember, but I know it wasn’t email related. The next day, when I did a couple of habitual email checks on my phone, I still didn’t have any emails and that was still fine. “Phenomenal!” I thought again. “It is a holiday. No one should be emailing today in observance of our country’s birthday. Good job, everyone!” And then I went to sleep.  […]

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