It’s Official: I’m Going to My 20th High School Reunion Next Weekend.

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I'm the one in a red wig. That would be senior prom. Photo: The guy whose job it was to take pictures of a bunch of dweebs at Winterset High School senior prom. Go Huskies!
I’d identify the other two besties in this picture but they might kill me. (You look fabulous, girls!!!) Anyway, I’m the one in a red wig. That would be senior prom. Photo: The guy whose job it was to take pictures of a bunch of dweebs at Winterset High School senior prom. Go Huskies!


I heard about my 20th high school reunion through the grapevine.

Plans have been brewing on Facebook but I’m not on my personal Facebook page often enough to have seen about it much — not enough, anyway, to think deeply about going. It’s not for an interest or even an excitement; it’s just an out of sight, out of mind thing, you know?

But yesterday, my oldest friend on this planet, Sarah, who knew me before we could speak literal words, emailed me to ask if I was going. Then, my sister Rebecca sent me a Snapchat. In it, she said, “You should go. I went to my 10 year and it was super fun!”

I do not have a good excuse to stay away. And I have an ever-mounting pile of reasons to go. So I’m gonna get an Amtrak ticket to Iowa. And I’m going to my 20th high school reunion in Winterset. It’s next weekend. I can’t wait.

Wanna come?

Good. Because you’re going.

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  1. Jo Chalk
    | Reply

    Class reunions are a special time, old friends, memories and new memories. My 50th will be next year, our class has had one every five years…we have always been a tight group of 130!! Best time ever!!!

  2. Molli Swinford
    | Reply

    Hope you have a wonderful time!

  3. Susan Brown
    | Reply

    I met up with my high school sweetheart at our 25th reunion!!! Sparks flew…8 years later we finally were together…happily so for over 25 years…still totally in love:) a real Oprah like story.
    Good luck…and have fun!!!

  4. Deb Johnson
    | Reply

    The 20th is a good one. At the 10th, people are still trying too hard to impress. At the 20th, everyone is glad to see each other and it’s sobering to know that some didn’t make it that far – so it’s more poignant. Just don’t compare notes to see who did best AND expect that the Nerds will be the happiest! That’s the way it was for mine and I enjoyed it!

  5. Judy Forkner
    | Reply

    Have fun!
    I always feel a bit of envious nostalgia when I hear about people going to class reunions. I changed high schools mid year every year until my senior year. I din’t go to a reunion until my 50th (only heard about it in time because of the existence of Facebook). I was thinking people wouldn’t remember me–turns out i didn’t remember them! I guess they remembered me because I was the new girl & I was a good student, so I guess that made me noticeable.

  6. Heather Briwn
    | Reply

    Have a super great time. Remember to thank your teachers. They helped to make you what you are today.

  7. Kathryn Darnell
    | Reply

    I got a dress, i’ll meet you. Have fun and SAVOR the time and see how far you’ve come!

  8. Sharon
    | Reply

    Enjoy I went to my 40th and have kept in touch with a great group of women since then

  9. Carla Gutman
    | Reply

    How ironic; just made my hotel reservations for my 40th high school reunion. It is next month in San Diego so
    my son and I will be going on a road trip. Had to go too many of my classmates have already died. Life is short.

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