Today, Sophie Is Published In The New Yorker.

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An excerpt from "Horrible Phone Calls I Assume I'd Have If It Wasn't For The Internet" by Sophie Johnson. Image COURTESY OF THE ARTIST BECAUSE I ACTUALLY KNOW HER, AGGGHHH!
An excerpt from “Horrible Phone Calls I Assume I’d Have If It Wasn’t For The Internet” by Sophie Johnson. Image COURTESY OF THE ARTIST BECAUSE I ACTUALLY KNOW HER, AGGGHHH!


Today’s post is pure joy to write.

Sophie Lucido Johnson, a bosom buddy friendship in my life on the level of Anne Shirley and Diana Barry, is published this very day in The New Yorker. She wrote and illustrated a wonderful comic entitled, “Horrible Phone Calls I Assume I’d Have If It Wasn’t For The Internet” and, as you will shortly discover, Sophie’s cartoon is brilliant.

Being published in The New Yorker is a mammoth achievement. I probably don’t need to say that.

Maybe you read the magazine, maybe you don’t. Maybe you have a stack of New Yorkers on a chair in your apartment because you buy them when you’re in the airport and you swear you’re going to get through them all by the end of the summer (cough, cough.) Regardless of your relationship to the magazine, it cannot be denied that the editorial standards over there are about as high as they come. You gotta be good to get in that door.

And how do you get good? You know the answer.

You work.

And that’s what Sophie does. The girl. Practices. Constantly. She’s always writing, drawing, looking, thinking. When we’re in meetings or in the audience for something, Sophie pulls out her drawing pad and a pencil and sketches. She’ll draw people or things. She’ll make a cartoon or do lettering. She does it because she wants to get better and she’s willing to do the work. Of course, Sophie draws and writes because she loves it, too, but I want to drive home how hard she works at all this.

Being published in The New Yorker is pretty glamorous. But I assure you, and Sophie as she reads this will be nodding her head vigorously: Making art and writing is not glamorous. This stuff is frustrating, it takes forever, you fail, you get sad, you ignore other things, you doubt. But then, if you’re like Sophie and a handful of other people I know, you go back into the salt mines. Because you have to. Because that’s what it takes.

This beautiful girl works so hard. She works so hard, she got a comic in The New Yorker.

Congratulations, Soph.

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  1. Anita Brayton
    | Reply

    That is more than awesome! Congrats!

  2. Diane
    | Reply

    So cool! And yeah, it’s work.

  3. Louise
    | Reply

    I just read this article a few minutes ago! Then I get the fun of knowing more through your blog. It is like the universe wanted me to fully appreciate this artist and her diligence. Thank you, Mary, Sophie, and universe.

  4. Kathryn Darnell
    | Reply

    Smile at her, buy her a fancy coffee and then give her your BEST SMILE. Savor these bestest buddy times.

  5. Ivy
    | Reply

    Congrats to your friend! That is awesome news!

  6. Nicole Hannah
    | Reply

    There’s no way you can buy or sub-contract hard work. Good for her!

  7. Claudia Donolli
    | Reply

    I wonder from time to time how you are feeling. You were great on the Fon and Porter show. I am the lady that said grow our hair. BTW your hair looks great! Hope you are happy and staying relatively well? I am so glad I was able to read your article posted by a quilt friend on one of my quilt sites. Love your writing. Just dropping a line to say hello my dear.

  8. Sarah
    | Reply

    Roger that and “Way to go, Soph!”

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