Will You Help Me Find My Puppy?

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Have you ever gazed upon a sweeter, more perfect creature in all the land? Photo: The Internet.
Have you ever gazed upon a sweeter, more perfect creature in all the land? Photo: The Internet.


Mom and I had the best conversation yesterday while I cleaned the house. We hadn’t talked in so long, it felt like, and we both had much to share. It worked out great to take turns: I’d mute my microphone while Mom told me something that required exposition so that I could vacuum and she wouldn’t have to hear it, then I’d unmute and do some dusting while I told her something. We talked for over 90 minutes before the cleaning jag and the conversation ended with a discussion of my health status and general disposition. And it was this last matter that led us to a discussion of Philip Larkin.

If anyone out there is tired of me talking about dream dog Philip Larkin, I’m afraid there’s simply nothing I can do about it and — wait a minute, hang on. If you are tired of hearing about a girl’s true love of The Tiny Puppy Of Her Dreams, I am sincerely worried about your general disposition and if you do choose to click away, I hope that you will click to a better place. I’m completely serious! This is serious stuff!

Okay, back to Philip.

“Mom, I think I’m going to do it,” I said.

“Well,” Mom said, “I do think —”

I cut her off, noticing that I did that and feeling bad but not willing to clam up just yet. “But I am not going to do anything rash,” I said. “It’s not like I’ve run off done it already. There are many steps to take to make it happen, most of which involve paperwork. I’d need to get all kinds of things filed — and approved — before I’d get permission. And after that, I have to find a breeder, which could take awhile. Ask me how I know.”

“How do you know?”

“I’ve been emailing breeders, actually, which proves how serious I am, I guess. And I did look in Iowa first.”

My mother and Mark got Scrabble, a miniature Golden Doodle puppy, from a reputable breeder in Iowa about eight years ago. Mom has strongly advised me to “get an Iowa dog!” She’s not wrong about the quality of Iowa stock, not that I’m biased. But, as I went on to tell Mom, none of the Iowa-based Maltipoo breeders raise teacup Maltipoos, which is what Philip must be. (A miniature Maltipoo is a normal-small dog; a teacup Maltipoo is the size of a well-fed hamster.) I’ve looked in Illinois, naturally, but it’s the same thing here. The only places that have teacups are pet stores and I just don’t think this is the best way to acquire my furry best friend. I’ve read terrible things about pet stores being mills and the pups being sick — oh, it’s just awful. If anyone can make the case for the pet store, please make it. I am trying to get this right and hey, if a pet store like the one I visited a few weeks ago is a legit place to pick’a Philip Larkin, that saves me a great deal of footwork and many miles of travel. Yes, at this point, it looks as though I may have to travel a great distance for my dream dog. And I wince to share that, as this opens me up to a great deal of criticism, I realize, from people horrified that I don’t just go over to the animal shelter and get a worthy, needy pet that way. Again, I have my reasons for approaching this big change in my life in the manner in which I’m approaching it and if my life circumstances were different, I suspect my approach would be different, as well. Be gentle with me.

We discussed all this and then Mom had a great idea, which is not an uncommon occurrence.

“You should ask your PaperGirl readers if they know anyone who owns a Philip or breeds teacup Maltipoos. I’m sure you’ll get someone who either has one of their own or could get you in touch with someone, don’t you think?”


And so I ask you, pals: Would you be willing to draw upon your vast resources, your extensive network of professional associations, your thousands and thousands of social media friends and admirers, your high school sweethearts, your very children — yes! your kin! — to help me find my puppy? I just know a pure-hearted teacup Maltipoo breeder is out there and the coolest thing in the whole world would be to find Wee Philip because of a PaperGirl connection! I mean, seriously. Seriously, for real, I keel over with joy and then Philip Larkin would lick me back into consciousness.  

In closing, I would like to give a major shout out to Suzanne, who commented on yesterday’s anguished post with something that made my day and is germane to this post in a big way. Get a load of this:

When you first brought up Philip Larkin, I had no idea who this was and went off to Wikipedia. And then some other sites, and then some more and thoroughly enjoyed my voyage. Months later, my book group decided to read Devices and Desires by P. D. James. In the introductory chapters, we learn the main character (Adam Dalgleish) is a renowned poet and appears to hold Philip Larkin in high esteem. I just sat and smiled this little glowy smile — I KNEW who Philip Larkin was. Thank you, Mary. And I’m reading a real, touch-the-pages book.

Thanks, Suzanne, and thank you, everyone, for any help you might be able to provide re: my quest. I think if I do eventually get that pup, I’ll have to start a video blog version of PaperGirl. It would be called PaperGirl: Extreme Philip Larkin Edition and it would feature hours and hours of video of that dog as he canters, cavorts, hops, yips, wriggles, rolls over, fetches, shakes, snorgles, twirls, chases his tail, licks my nose, plays with various items, drinks water, eats small food, and curls up in my arms.


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  1. Janice LeBlanc-Sitts
    | Reply

    what a fabulous monologue I’ve just read —- and I laughed out loud at Suzanne’s very honest confession….now I MUST go find Philip Larkin myself….that baby is adorable!!!! keep hunting, you are meant to have one…:)

  2. Christy Schreck
    | Reply


    This is at a rescue close to me in Kansas. Such a cutie!!!

  3. Christy Schreck
    | Reply


    This is at a rescue close to me in Kansas.

  4. Val
    | Reply

    Mary I understand your need/want for a teacup dog. However, they are the result of possible inbreeding and there are often other health issues that don’t show up until later. Reputable breeders don’t tinker with genetics. Also if and when you find one, it doesn’t mean that it is not a puppy mill in a person’s home.

    Really think this through as a Maltipoo is already a cross bred dog. I think everyone should be owned by a dog, but you need to find one that speaks to you with his eyes..not through a breeder. Also NMDR is out your way and they rescue this type of puppy from breeders all the time. Maybe check them out.

  5. Deb
    | Reply

    There’s a Malti-Poo Rescue page on Facebook, dear Mary….
    Check them out!!!

    • Mary
      | Reply

      Link? Oh my goodness!! :O

  6. Becky M
    | Reply

    I’m struggling with the same issues. I have allergy issues and would really like a cavalier King Charles spaniel or a Cavipoo but it’s so hard to find a legitimate breeder and not get hit with judgement. Best of luck! I can’t wait to see video of Phillip Larkin! 🙂

    • Susan
      | Reply

      Becky, we have a Cavi – or he has us! Best. Dog. Ever.

  7. Lindsey
    | Reply

    Why do you need to tell anyone where your dog came from? Just say Philip Larkin is a very lucky rescue.
    We just lost our 16 year old maltese/shitzu (Mr. Beasley). He weighed 9pounds most of his life. We’ve heard that Maltese are difficult to housebreak. Our experience doesn’t contradict that rumor. We had to watch him like a hawk. We miss him terribly.

    • Janette
      | Reply

      I have a Morkie, maltese yorkie, and she isn’t the best about training – no one told me that before i got her. After 8 years in attached anyway! And she’s very sweet!

  8. Susan B
    | Reply

    We have a new Coton de Tulear. Pre white, affectionate, very social, absolutely beguiling. Can’t say enough good things about her (she’s 8 lbs and won’t get any bigger). A coton would be he perfect Phillip Larkin !!! PS she is also the only breed my highly allergic husbanD does not react to.

    • Sher
      | Reply

      I also have Coton de tulear. She is the perfect dog. I adopted her almost 8 years ago.

  9. PinkD
    | Reply

    Found these on Facebook. Disclaimer – I know nothing about these groups. Cute lil things, those maltipoos!

    Maltipoo Puppies by State: https://www.facebook.com/groups/922072474484932/

    Maltipoo Club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/378328062233480/

  10. Kate
    | Reply

    There is no such thing as a teacup dog of any breed. It is a result of marketing and questionable breeding. Even if you get a “teacup” there is no guarantee it will be small. Many teacups have health issues as a result of the breeding. Just be aware. Please stay away from a pet store. The dogs come from puppy mills. I have a rescue Shih Tzu who came from an Amish puppy mill and they abuse their animals. Who knew.? Keep looking for a reputable breeder and do your research. Good luck.

  11. Michele H
    | Reply

    Gary and Roxanne Hickenbottom
    In Conway Springs, Kansas have 3 malipoo pups from 2 different litters.


    • Michele H
      | Reply

      Maltipoo. not Malipoo

  12. Kathryn Darnell
    | Reply

    Wish I could help you but criminally if you didn’t get a pot load of help. Quilters love problem solving. Good luck with locating Philip Larkin. My next Labrador will be named Atticus Fitch…
    I totally get already knowing your puppy’s name.

  13. Becky Eaton
    | Reply

    Mary I know you are looking for a Maltipoo. I have 4 male toy poodle that are just over 4 weeks old. They will be ready in another 4 weeks or so. I am in winterset, Iowa I have volunteered for your mom at the museum. If interested Megan has my phone number. Thanks Becky Eaton. Good luck whatever you decide.

  14. Becky Eaton
    | Reply

    Mary, I know you are looking for a Maltipoo. I have 4 little male toy poodle puppies that are 4 1/2 weeks old. I have the parents on the premises . I am just out side of winterset, Iowa. I have volunteered at the museum for Megan and your mom. If you are interested Megan has my phone number. It will be a few weeks for them to be ready.. just throwing out an idea for you. Thx.

  15. Diana
    | Reply

    My daughter, who is very HUMANE SOCIETY loyal (volunteers a ton) found my Grand Puppy at a pet store. I gave her serious side eye over it, but he’s here, healthy and annoyingly adorable. My mom had a bad experience~got a puppy from a pet store and it died within 6 months. It’s all a crap shoot really~but love is love, and we’re called to who we’re called to. Good luck in your search 🙂 My 100# love came from the humane society 🙂

  16. Kris West Mimier
    | Reply

    We highly recommend Leslie Jahn of Burr Oaks Dood Ranch in Endeavor, WI. This woman KNOWS and LOVES her puppies. We have one of her Maltipoos & one of her Petite Goldendoodles that we “adopted” 6 years apart. Please checkout her website & do lots of research about so-called breeders! Good luck!

  17. Bobbi Penniman
    | Reply

    Dear Mary,

    After my beloved pug Dobby died 2 years ago, I said ” no more dogs”. After all, I’m 66 and want to be free to travel and carouse without that responsibility. But every single dai I pined for my dog. I had never before been without a dog or two.

    On Mother’s Day, out of the blue, my daughter offered to give Chickie to me. He and I were already BFFs, we bonded from the day she got him. She had realized however that with two toddlers she just wasn’t able to care for him as she thought she would. Happily, he came to live with me the next day. So I have my post-puppy (he is 2.5) and he had brought me so much joy. She happily takes him when I want to go away for a few days. Win win.

    So I totally understand your need and will follow along your journey.

  18. Nadine Donovan
    | Reply

    I don’t think you should get all hung up on where you get your puppy from. Or even what type of puppy. It is your choice. Love is love. Yes- I have heard horror stories about puppy mills and worse- the Amish puppy mills. It does break my heart. I have bought 2 pure bred Cocker Spaniels from a pet store in Pennsylvania- they were both healthy and happy. Both well loved additions to my family. I think that what ever puppy you get is considered a rescue- a rescue of love. Be at peace with your decisions and I can’t wait to hear all about him and see pictures!❤️

  19. Judy Forkner
    | Reply

    Mary, I would just say what Val has already said. Teacups are inbred from puppy mills. What would a regular size Maltipoo not work?

  20. Mary Hurst
    | Reply

    I found these: https://www.facebook.com/tinyteacuppuppiesforsale/

  21. Sarah
    | Reply

    Does your puppy have to be male? We had a girl cat that we named Caesar before we know her sex. The didn’t seem to mind, and anyway she was neutered so ……..

  22. Kathlene
    | Reply

    Try Bell’s mini doodles in upstate New York. Even if she doesn’t raise the teacup variety, she probably knows a reputable person who does.

    • Kathlene
      | Reply

      That should read Bella not Bell.

  23. Summer
    | Reply

    Re: Iowa dogs are great! Yes, I adopted a rescued whippet who originally came from a farm in Iowa. The rescue group – Whippet Rescue and Protection (WRAP) – indicated that the farmer would not spay/neuter his dogs and consequently ended up with 20 or so. He was unable to care for such a large number of dogs, so WRAP volunteers took most of the dogs, took care of their immediate veterinary needs, and re-homed them. I drove from Houston up to Fayetteville, Arkansas, to pick up my whippet; he is my second rescue whippet. I tell you all this because, even though I grew up with laborador retrievers and absolutely love the breed, the whippet is my soul mate! You have found that a maltipoo is yours, so that’s what you should endeavor to get. Rescue them from a pound, a pet store, a shopping cart in front of Wal-mart, or a bona fide rescue group. (Rescue groups probably rescue from Wal-mart shopping carts, too, don’t you think?)

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