The Quilt Scout Is IN…the Little Boathouse.

Little Boathouse! Photo: Mom.
Little Boathouse! Photo: Mom.


The first of the August Quilt Scout columns for the mighty Quilts, Inc. is all about Washington Island.

You know, the place where musicians go to rehearse in the lake. And where I fell through the ice. The place where a certain wedding took place and where I played with my sister Hannah summer after summer after summer. (Note to self: Make summer Island play date with Hannah.) Oh, and there’s this. And… Well, just put “washington island” in the search box over there and you’ll see a slew of related material. There’s not much going on in the news or anything; what else are you going to read for heaven’s sake?

Anyway, over at the Quilt Scout column are some great pictures of the quilt studio, my mom, and our family and friends. So head on over, gang. The sun is shining.

Mary Fons, Q.S., P.G.

p.s. Mom corrected me: The Little Boathouse is definitely not 600 square feet. Try 300, tops. I state in the piece that I’m bad at estimating distances. And I was telling the truth.

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  1. Christina
    | Reply

    The link that’s supposed to be for the Quilt Scout actually links to your birthday serenade post. Please fix so I can find the Quilt Scout piece…thanks!

  2. Mary
    | Reply

    That link takes me to the Best Concert Part Two.

  3. Mary
    | Reply

    Sorry, gang! Fixed! Here ’tis again:

  4. deb hanahan
    | Reply

    Aaahhhh, we just spent a week in the idyllic Door County, in a rental home on Lake Michigan in Sturgeon Bay. It was our 2nd time vacationing on the Door… Dang we were going to take a trip to see Washington Island, but alas, the day we planned to go it rained all day, so we changed our mind. Now I’m really sad we didn’t go. However, since we already booked a return trip to the same rental home for next summer, a visit to Washington Island is at the top of the list of things to do!

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