Pendennis Picks Three — AT RANDOM??

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Pendennis, working from home. Image: Me.


Pendennis just ran into the room and picked three blog posts from the past to offer for today’s PaperGirl installment! But he selected these posts totally at random! And P. gave me six minutes to post this post, so I’d better get started.

There’s this one, in which I fall into some ice!

Then there’s this one, in which I literally moved someone’s cheese!

And then there’s this one, which is not fun. But I’m glad Pendennis chose it. I had forgotten about it.

Thanks Buddy,

4 Responses

  1. Mary
    | Reply

    The second story came up as 404, not found. Was P being a trickster?

  2. Judy D
    | Reply

    Maybe so, but I did find it I think. Because Mary does a great job with her tags!

    • Judy Forkner
      | Reply

      Thanks, Judy D!

  3. Judy Forkner
    | Reply

    I’m so glad that P chose the 3rd one. What a great way to handle that situation. I hope that somehow, that mom ended up going to parenting classes to help her deal with her child in a more positive way.

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