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A picture of the Kosovo Ballet troupe performing "Flight towards the light" in 2013. Why not? Image: Wikipedia.
A picture of the Kosovo Ballet troupe performing “Flight towards the light” in 2013. Why not? Image: Wikipedia.


I’m afraid Doctor Faustus is not finished Fausting himself into a froth, yet — and the clock is ticking.

Since going two days without posting doesn’t feel right — but I really do need to keep turning pages and finish two big articles for the newspaper — tonight I’m going to lean on Pendennis to select from my robust archive not one, not two, but three posts he thinks are worth going back and checking out. Everyone wins!

For your enjoyment, the monkey has selected:

  1. Pesto Recipe… From the PaperGirl Kitchen
    Wherein I talk about pesto and tell you how I make mine and possibly confuse you but it’s fun.
  2. If You Can, You Must
    A fan favorite from 2014. Still true.
  3. ‘Colleen, This One’s For You’
    A year ago next month, I met one of the sweetest ladies ever, quite by a hilarious accident. I love you, Colleen.

Pendennis would like you to note that a PaperGirl Archive Roundup like you have just been given might happen again in the next couple of days if I don’t get some of my homework done. He is very serious about this.

Think of archive posts like reruns! Sometimes they’re sort of comforting.

3 Responses

  1. Cheryl
    | Reply

    Your homework is more important than us, Mary. Always happy to read archived columns.

  2. Judy Forkner
    | Reply

    I enjoyed the archives! I don’t remember the pesto recipe–glad you included it! It’s about time to make all the remaining basil into pesto!

  3. Summer
    | Reply

    You know how you never watched that TV show until like the 5th season, and you know that Season 3 was the penultimate, but like you have to catch and watch the reruns? Well, this is like that for me. And I needed to read Post #2 today. You should throw that one in the greatest hits bin and bring it out so often. After all, every great artist has a greatest hits list, and the fans want the hits!

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