A Tale of Three Desks

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Hey, I like that desk, too! Image: Wikipedia.
Hey, I like that desk, too. Image: Wikipedia.


I have three desks!

One of my desks is really just a lap desk. Claus gave it to me when he left for Berlin last year, and I suppose this thing is not really a desk. It’s a tiny beanbag with a piece of wood stuck on it. But it does the job. I’m using right now, in fact. Yes, I think it counts as a desk, so let’s call this beanbag thing from a man who broke my heart Desk No. 1.*

Desk No. 2 is a for-real-real desk that lives in the hallway. There’s a wide hallway in my condo between the entryway and the main room. When I moved in, I knew I had to do something with the space, but it took some thought. The hallway isn’t wide enough to like, make into a third bedroom, but I soon realized it would makes a terrific workspace if shelves could be built-in. So that’s what I did, thus, Desk No. 2 is part of a custom-built wall of bookshelves and workspace. Groovy.

Desk No. 3 is a table by the window. With a lamp. And a tray for bills and things.

What in the world does a girl need with three desks? Variety! Yes, I use all my desks because I have needs. Sometimes, I find I write schoolwork better at Desk No. 3, there at the window. I never write blog posts there, though; it’s just never seemed like the place where I should be for this part of my day. I do a good deal of writing for Quiltfolk at Desk No. 2 — but I whipped most of the piece about Joan Flasch sitting right here with the beanbag.

If you count my space at the F Newsmagazine office, I have four desks. If you count how sometimes I eat chips and do stuff at the table where I eat chips, I have five desks.

Is it too many? I don’t think it is, but it strange to find oneself saying, “I have three desks!” It could be worse. What if I said I had five recliners? Five blenders? Five beds?


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  1. Andrea S.
    | Reply

    I have 2, one is for sewing. The other is technically for the computer, but functions as a catch all as well.

  2. Melody A.
    | Reply

    I totally agree , I have several pieces that qualify as desks for different reasons. The flower story was beautiful and sad both having your heart broken. rf I wish you well, from Iowa

  3. Martha youstra
    | Reply

    lol…….too funny……..I have a sewing room with 3 chairs, 5 machines, 4 tables, and would have more if the room allowed. lol

  4. susan
    | Reply

    Laughing is a good way to start the day. Thanks Mary ! (I have three surfaces with cutting mats, two in the kitchen and one in the sewing room.)

  5. Barb Allen
    | Reply

    Okay, so I am not even mentioning the sewing room. Not even if you twist my arm. (Just not my sewing arm, please.) My husband built this amazing desk in a spare bedroom just for me. It is suspended against the wall and forms an L into and out of a corner. One L is about 7 feet (!) and has an enclosed cabinet with pull-out shelves for printers and supplies at the non-corner end, while the other L is about 5 feet with 2 file cabinet drawers at its end. I have Important Stuff scattered everywhere on it, thus paying homage to his spectacular work by using every square inch. The best part is that it is deep enough to turn my computer at an angle so that my chair can face it at the same angle, allowing me to put my feet up alongside the ‘puter. He is a brilliant man who loves me, and I love my biggest desk.

  6. Susan Davies
    | Reply

    I once counted beds:we had 14. Probably more than that now if I cared to count. The good thing is that someone else makes them all. It is interesting to speculate on mundane things… there is a famous book that starts with a description of the man’s bedroom. It was fascinating to read; I wish I could find it!

    • Melanie
      | Reply

      OK…..I’m curious…..how does one have 14 beds that are made by someone else?

  7. Heather
    | Reply

    I think I love desks about as much as I love office supplies….which is A LOT. And, now that I’ve started counting my desks, I think I have FOUR. Geez!

  8. Kim
    | Reply

    We currently have 5 desks (not counting lap desks) in the house. Most of them are piled with stuff, which makes me think what we really need are drawers, and shelves!
    Be careful with those bean bag desks. My favorite one broke (the plastic on the bottom turned brittle and cracked), and we had tiny plastic beads everywhere! They are hard to vacuum, too, because they are full of static.

  9. Pam
    | Reply

    I have 5 dining room tables. They serve more purpose than dining. All that matters is what works.

  10. Melanie
    | Reply

    The only thing missing from this post is pictures. I love seeing photos of peoples’ workspaces. I have one desk, several lap desks and dining/kitchen table that is often used (piled with) for crafting.

  11. Natalie
    | Reply

    Thank goodness. I feel much better now.
    A desk for each function. A place for each moment!!

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