A Monkey ‘Jote’ Because It’s Essentially Finals Week

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Wikipedia has offered me this picture of a “salt dough monkey,” and darn if the thing doesn’t look like it fell out of a tree. Thanks, Wikipedia.


And now, a joke.

Or, as my friend Irena would say, “a jote.”

It’s funnier, right? Jotes?

The reason that I am going to post this jote, which is very silly and slightly weird — okay, very weird — is that it’s finals week, I’ve got a deadline for the magazine and a deadline for the other magazine and intricately woven narratives are my favorite kinds of posts but I have to eat something for Lord’s sake and who’s gonna finish these captions? But there’s another reason why I want to post this jote: I like the jote. The jote is interesting. So we tell the jote.


Q: Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?
A: Because it was dead.


:: drops mic ::

4 Responses

  1. Christine Houghton
    | Reply

    Why didn’t the chicken make it to the other side of the street? Wait for it………….because…….it……………fell into a manhole. Just another jote.

  2. Barb Allen
    | Reply

    And why do gorillas have such large nostrils? Because….their fingers are so big. Okay, so this is a 10-year-old boy’s favorite, but it always cracks me up. Remember to come up for air, Mary.

  3. Georgeanna Couldry
    | Reply

    That is sad and funny all at the same time. ROTFL

  4. Laurie Hatfield
    | Reply

    Or, the high schoolers I teach love this one, believe it or not! Here goes:

    Q: What is brown and sticky?

    A: A stick.

    It’s the little things in life that keep us going. 😉

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