The Quilt Scout is IN: Quilts Light the Way

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Look at the chipmunks in this crazy quilt! They’re CRAZY! Photo: Wikipedia.


Hey, gang! The Quilt Scout is IN!

And guess what else? The column has been renewed for another year, so all throughout 2018, I’ll be buzzing around twice a month with my friends over at Quilts, Inc. to bring you sparkly content that benefits your brain, your quilting practice, your life!

Yeah! Your whole life!

I’ve been writing the Scout for four years, now. Isn’t that something? It’s one of my very favorite things to do.

Here’s the first of three columns for January. (January has a bonus column this year, since the Scout drops every two weeks and January is kind of long. Long and cold.) This column is about history and love, essentially, and I think it turned out pretty good.

Just like you.

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  1. Cara
    | Reply

    I need to know more about those chipmnks. Are they applique? Not embroidery, not with those tails. Are they…real Chipmunks? Did someone mix quilting and taxidermy? Because I think that might be a line too far for me. The questions. They don’t end. And, I just scrolled up, looked at how very much that looks like taxidermy and decided maybe I’m better off without the answers to my questions.

  2. Kerry
    | Reply

    OMG! Taxidermied chipmunks! Now I’ve seen it all! Somehow that crazy has gone wayyyy past crazy! But it gave me a good laugh after the initial EWWWWW!
    Have to admit I’m not one for history, but with the addition of quilts then I’m hooked – everything is absorbed, well at least for a little while until SQUIRREL! happens and I’m absorbing something else. Although the post started with SQUIRREL! of sorts! 😉

  3. Susan
    | Reply

    Hi Mary, I always enjoy your blog posts and Quilt Scout! But I wanted to ask about something in this month’s article. Is it really accurate to say that Spanish conquistadors got to Tennessee “first”?? I think there would have been plenty of native peoples there already? I hate to seem nitpicky but that sentence just sort of struck me odd, hope you don’t mind me saying.

    • Mary
      | Reply

      Susan! This was the first chance I had to reply! You, my friend, are ENTIRELY correct and I am pained. The Spanish were most certainly NOT “the first” to get to what is now TN. I apologize for doing what so many of us are good at doing, i.e., leaning on the words of a single history lesson, a single (even well-meaning) teacher, etc. I’m going to fix that right now and I appreciate you and your careful reading. Thanks, S. 🙂 Mary

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