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  1. Sam
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    Oh MARY, we all feel just like you do. I daydream of reinventing my life and surroundings. My friend sold her house and has moved to Kauai. We must keep dreaming and aspiring. Sam

  2. Sherry Grijalva
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    Move to Phoenix! We would love to have you here!!

  3. Brenda King
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    Mary, I understand your restlessness and need for a change of view. Even places we love can eventually become boring, and less uplifting, as time goes by, and our needs and wants change. I wish you the very best luck in finding a wonderful renter and the perfect new abode! Please keep us posted as you make your change! LOVE YOUR BLOG! : ) Brenda King

  4. Barbara
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    You need to take a break and come to The Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge later this month. It’s fabulous! You can lose yourself in just admiring the close to 500 quilts on display, not to mention the vendors, classes, events and fellow QUILTERS! Come join us!! Maybe it will cure your ‘itch’ for change…for a little while, at least!
    Barbara Schmidt
    V.P. Seymour Quilt Club
    Sevierville, TN

  5. Lynette Walters
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    Oh, it isn’t just me that does this? I just finished classes at our local community college and I am starting at University of Maryland. BUT instead of starting on my reading for school, I continued sewing seams and ironing a quilt for one of my daughters. The quilt is all in shades of orange, her favorite color. Ironing is very therapeutic, that is the biggest well kept secret.

  6. Susan
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    You have the same gypsy in your soul that I struggle with. Feed her and she will teach you and treat you well, try to ignore her and risk losing a tiny piece of your spirit. xoxo

  7. Lindsey
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    Try rearranging your furniture and putting pretty throws on your sofa and chairs. It’s the changing of the seasons and the quality of the light is making us notice things differently. In my case it’s time to dust (a euphemism for removing layers) and wash windows. Remember ‘spring cleaning’? This need for change happens to me now and then. If I change a few colors and get everything tidied up I can wait for this urge to pass. I really think it is the changing of the quality of the light.
    Of course, I could be nuts!

    • Susan K
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      I think your right Lindsey!! More daylight makes the dust and grime more visible! Also a new view, clearer view may also be in order! In our living space and life!

    • susan
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      Absolutely, I also agree about the change in the light. Also the dirty winter windows. sigh

  8. Karen
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    At our house, this simply means that March has come!! I used to threaten to tie my husband to the bedpost the minute spring arrived because inevitably he wanted to change jobs, cars, AND houses then. (But fortunately for me, not wives 😉 ) And sometimes we did change one or all three, most often with good results. It’s probably the reason that stick-in-the-mud me was attracted to Mr. Adventuresome in the first place! I think the lesson here is for you to start looking for that stick-in-the-mud guy who secretly wishes for an adventuresome girl like you — works for us!

  9. Becky Garten
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    I think you have a case of “Almost Done with School-itis”. The excitement is too much to handle and the pent up energy is ready to explode. Hold on. You’ll make it.

  10. Barbara
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    Mary, I know how much you love Iowa. Why don’t you get a place with a beautiful view of the Decorah Eagles Nest in naturally, Decorah, Iowa. I watch online and have been for quite a few years, but to see all this in person, wow, what a view!!!!

  11. Glenda
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    Try fostering a dog first. With the travel you will be doing and new restrictions on “emotional” animals, you may not have the time to spend with a pup or dog. Or have a neightbor who loves to do sit. A dog takes so much time compared to a cat. As far as wanting a specific breed—-I struggle with that also.

  12. Molly
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    Mary thank you so much for writing this. I’ve been struggling with the same thing for weeks now. So much work to do for school and personal projects. It’s so overwhelming so I’ve be been avoiding my apartment! Fabric shopping, going with friends, etc. The first time this hit me hard I almost left my husband! But you’re right, doing the things I’ve been avoiding is absolutely the answer. I always feel so much better and calm down after it’s done. And I feel accomplished!
    Also I love how you ended this. “And then” is such an inspiring ending. And then what? And then all the other exciting projects I’ve had to put off too finish my school projects! And then anything!!

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  14. Mary Ann
    | Reply

    Thank you, thank you! Graduate FROM school.

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