PG Newswire: Mary Fons Confirms ‘Person of Interest’

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Fons ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ about ‘This Nick Fellow’
by P. N. Dennis

CHICAGO, IL — Writer, editor, and quilt world person Mary Fons announced today that she’s seeing someone named Nick.*

“Nick and I met back in November,” Fons said. “I had been on a string of truly hideous dates and felt sort of despondent about love in general, sadly. I was about to delete my [online dating] profile but then I saw this picture of this gorgeous guy with the most beautiful smile. I messaged him and we started chatting.”

It took several weeks before they could meet face-to-face, Fons said. “I told him, ‘Look, I’m in grad school and I travel. The first chance I could get together is two weeks from Thursday.’ It wasn’t a very sexy thing to say, but he said that sounded good.”

The two met for a drink at the Chicago Athletic Association. “When we saw each other, we just started smiling,” said Fons. “It felt so good to be excited about a person. It doesn’t happen every day.”

Nick, who was born in Chicago in the early 1990s, got his undergraduate degree in biology at Loyola University in 2015 and is currently applying to medical school. He works at several hospitals in the area and he is very sexy.

“I don’t think … you can say … Can you say that in a news article?” Fons asked, scratching her head. “It’s definitely true though. Nick is hot. Keep it.”

The pair traveled to New York City to attend a New Year’s Eve party held by Fons’s older sister, Hannah. They had a good time. In February, Nick brought a heart-shaped pizza to Fons’s apartment and that was nice. But Fons’s punishing schedule, a communication breakdown, and hurt feelings led to Fons “putting the brakes” on the relationship mid-February. “It’s a long story,” Fons said, rubbing her forehead. “But it was the right thing to do, to step away for awhile.”

As the months passed, there was communication here and there. Nick encouraged Fons as she approached the end of school. Fons checked up on Nick when he went on a med school interview, but there were no in-person encounters. Then, over the past few weeks, the two have been spending time together again.

“Mary is a very hardworking person,” Nick said in a text interview just now. “She is smart, understanding, beautiful, and kind. She’s got her stuff together. Mary Fons is a goddess and I will do anything for her, forever.”

“He said everything up until the ‘goddess’ line,” Fons said. “He didn’t actually say that last sentence. But all the other stuff he did actually say when I texted him to say what he likes about me.”

Fons admits being nervous about sharing relationship news. But as a widely-read blogger whose life is her material, she says she feels she owes it to her readers to provide some clarity at this point. “The truth is, I like Nick,” Fons said. “He’s smart. He cares about me. He fixes things that are broken. We help each other. He is very tender with me when I cry. And he is so handsome in those scrubs I just … Yeah.”

The two plan to have dinner at her place tomorrow night before Fons leaves for Lincoln, Nebraska, for the annual board meeting at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.

*last name withheld

23 Responses

  1. Jennifer R.
    | Reply

    Congratulations honey….one step at a time. I am happy for you

  2. Kathy Callahan
    | Reply

    That’s so sweet, Mary. Enjoy getting to know each other better. You will each continue with demanding schedules especially when med school begins on his side. I like hopeful optimism!

  3. Liz Flaherty
    | Reply

    So happy for you and Nick. Enjoy your dinner!

  4. Sandra Kaufman
    | Reply

    So glad to find Nick still in your life. You told us about him when you were for our GLHQ workshops.

  5. Kelly Ashton
    | Reply

    That’s it. ❤️

  6. Karen
    | Reply

    Yeah, Mary! You go, girl. You deserve all the happiness you can get, and Nick sounds WONDERFUL!

  7. Helen Marie
    | Reply

    Very nice. Wishing you all the joy!

  8. sharon
    | Reply

    but the big question – how does he feel about Philip Larkin? If he is fully supportive you have got a keeper!

  9. Maggie
    | Reply

    Fantastic news. So happy for you.

  10. Grammy Judy
    | Reply

    Go slow, if you two can handle both your extremely busy schedules you know it is meant to be. Good Luck…

  11. Rita S
    | Reply

    As my daughters showed a committed relationship my advice was to accept them as they are. Don’t ask them to change. If your happy with the way they are now, you both will be happy. This is something you should discuss with each other. Makes for a much happier relationship. There will still be ups and downs for sure. Life is about compromising. Good luck!

  12. Mary Ann
    | Reply

    Loving all these nes updates Mary! And I am glad you have some close you cares about you!

  13. Annie
    | Reply

    I’m so happy that you have a Nick in your life…wishing you both all the very best!

  14. Tammi
    | Reply

    If this Nick fellow doesn’t work out, I have a son born in 1990, finishing grad school this month. He isn’t headed to med school, but he already has a job teaching math at a college. And his mom loves to quilt AND we live in Lincoln, Nebraska, home of the International Quilt Museum. Good match all around, I’d say.

  15. Bob Collis
    | Reply

    Wow. ‘Sounds like a ‘keeper’! Congratulations!

  16. Pam Williams
    | Reply

    ✈️✏️!! Take care and good luck with Nick. Pam from Memphis.

  17. Michael
    | Reply

    Split a dessert, then you will know

  18. Nancy Pederson
    | Reply

    Take it slow, Mary. If it’s meant to be it will happen in due time. In the meantime enjoy each other when time permits. Sounds like you both have busy schedules!

  19. Barbara
    | Reply

    Oh, so that’s who Nick is!!! xo

  20. Knuckstermom
    | Reply

    You just make my day Mary! And you must also make his day too, by just being you!

  21. Deborah Kimball
    | Reply

    Philip Larkin and Nick Name Withheld. So much goodness.

  22. Brenda King
    | Reply

    SO HAPPY for you Mary! You deserve the best! Enjoy getting to know Nick better, and have lots of fun together! : ) I’m thrilled that your puppy will be in your life soon too!

  23. Donna di Natale
    | Reply

    A sexy man who loves and cares for you and a new puppy to love and care for. Could life get any better?

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