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Chicago Woman Files Paperwork, Deposit for Mini Maltipoo Puppy from Reputable Breeder
by P. N. Dennis

CHICAGO, IL — Quilter and editor Mary Fons may have a puppy on the way.

After years of longing for a small, well-trained, hypoallergenic dog to help her stave off depression and anxiety, her application materials have been processed with a reputable breeder in Arkansas. A deposit has also been placed, making the dog — who Fons intends to name Philip Larkin after her favorite poet — one step closer to becoming a reality.

“It’s been a journey, getting to this point,” Fons said. “I’m excited. I’ve thought and thought about how it would all work; all the reasons why I shouldn’t do it; when it would be the ‘right’ time … I’ve thought rationally about all this for years. Then a couple months ago, I just totally broke down. I need him. I need Philip.”

Fons’s name is now listed on the “High Priority Waiting List” on the breeder’s website. The breeder (whose name Fons said she would wait to disclose until she had permission) was suggested some months ago by a reader of Fons’s blog, PaperGirl.

“For me to find Philip as a direct result of a PaperGirl reader is just … It’s perfect. They’ve been with me this whole time, you know? They’ve watched this develop.” The 38-year-old woman blinked back tears.

The breeder with whom Fons is now in close contact with is USDA Class-A licensed and sells registered puppies with full guarantee and microchip. The application process was apparently intense. “I wrote way more than she needed on every question, but [she] told me later she loved it, that she had full faith that I was absolutely ready for a dog. I filled out another form after that, sent my deposit, and that’s when I got on the list.”

Fons’s paperwork isn’t over yet. She has drafted a petition to her condo board to allow her to have her dog on special dispensation, as the building allows residents to have cats but not dogs.

“I’ve struggled with whether I deserve to ask for special treatment,” Fons said. “Anyone who knows me knows that’s been true for a long time. I’m not a rule breaker — and I’m not so special. But I am human, and my heart hurts. I will be responsible for — and with — my non-shedding, five-pound pet. I intend to train him and make him a source of joy for everyone he comes into contact with.”

And if the condo board denies her petition? “Well, it’s going to come with a strong letter of recommendation from my psychiatrist, so that would be some stone cold stuff,” Fons said, “but I would respect their decision. I’m not going to sneak a dog into my home. But my amazing Arkansas breeder isn’t going anywhere, so I’d just double down on my search for a new apartment and take it from there. But I would be sad.”

On the side of Fons’s fridge is a sheet of paper printed with information on neighborhood boarding services, pet stores, and groomers. “I’m going to be ready when [REDACTED] calls,” she said. Fons is listed on the waiting list as desiring a “small, male, apricot” mini Maltipoo; the next litter that would produce a puppy fitting the description could be 3-5 months from now. Possibly more. Fons says she’s waited this long, so it’s okay.

“It’s all so real now,” she said. Then she grinned. “Can you imagine what it’ll be like when I finally meet him? How am I going to blog with a tiny puppy on my lap?? I think I might have to skip writing words and post YouTube videos of me and Philip on the ol’ PG for awhile. They’re gonna have to see him in action.”

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  1. Linda Shumway
    | Reply

    Congratulations on your brave new direction! And you even have a toy ready for Philip! Obviously, you didn’t take the easy route and try for a non-allergic kitty {the breathing kind} since your apartments allow them….I’m thinking it’s a deposit complaint[the smelly kind] but since this will be a service animal I don’t understand how they can refuse you….but then we have different rules in Arizona!! Good Luck and keep us updated.

  2. Mary Veneskey
    | Reply

    So BEYOND excited for you and for Philip!!!! I will look forward with great anticipation to your first post with this new little puppy that you have been waiting for, hoping for and working for!!! He is going to bring SO MUCH joy and love to your life ❤️❤️

  3. Naomi
    | Reply

    think of the teeny tiny quilts!

  4. Jennifer R.
    | Reply

    Oh Mary! I am so happy for you! He will add to your life. Can’t wait to have updates and see pictures.

  5. Diana
    | Reply

    Woo hoo!!! That’s awesome Mary! Philip is going to be a much loved pup. I would definitely watch YouTube videos of you both!

  6. Cindy Marnin-Borcherding
    | Reply

    How exciting! Congratulations! We brought home two little yorkies last March, our life sure changed. Enjoy!!

  7. Sam Faeth
    | Reply

    So excited for you! Our chocolate lab puppy, Toby, was born ten days ago. He will come home in mid-July. Dogs are wonderful companions. Blessings on you and Philip!

  8. Deanna
    | Reply

    I am so happy that you will have your Phillips Larkin. I can just imagine all the love and wiggles you both will share.

  9. Joan
    | Reply

    Trim your Philip Larkin to puppy pads, the contain an attractant that makes paper training a breeze, and a deodorant, so the smell is under control re: the apartment board. Cheapest are at Sam’s -for me, 120 for $16. My puppy is okay with one pad per day after she was trained and if I would pick up the doo-doo. (Dogs won’t go where they have dropped solid waste.) Fewer accidents mean more loving time.

  10. Joan
    | Reply

    Opps. That first word was supposed to be ‘train’.

  11. Koojie
    | Reply


  12. AJ
    | Reply

    So excited for you! Sending good thoughts and wishes your way that the condo board approves your request.

  13. Ann Bailey
    | Reply

    yay! (Buy a small house, Mary!)

  14. Susan
    | Reply

    It is about time. About perfect time. Good for you, Mary! And good for Philip Larkin!

  15. Sara Thomas
    | Reply

    Oh how wonderful! Philip is one step closer to being in your arms. I am so glad you took this step.

  16. Liz
    | Reply

    Philip Larkin Training
    Lesson 1: Pendennis is NOT a chew toy!

  17. Kelly Ashton
    | Reply

    This is such great news, Mary! Congratulations! I’m keeping my fingers crossed and sending all kinds of positive juju in the direction of your condo board! 🙂

  18. Michael
    | Reply

    Videos would be awesome

  19. Maggie
    | Reply

    So excited for you. Dogs and cats can bring a wonderful sense of calm into your life. Mine do. Phillip is going to love you!

  20. Sue
    | Reply

    So excited for you. Can’t wait to meet Philip! He will be one lucky duck having you for a Mom.

  21. Georgia O'Neal
    | Reply

    AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good on ya !

  22. Marcia
    | Reply

    Oh joy of joys!

  23. Lydia
    | Reply

    OMG! You will so be head over heels in love with your new pup. My DIL just got a MaltiPom. He is so cute. His name is Duncan. My little Maltese, now deceased, was my little companion–my pocket dog! Congratulations on your decision.

  24. Anita Brayton
    | Reply

    PaperGirl readers will picket the condo board if they deny your request. Meanwhile here’s a couple of Philip Larkin $ to help you along the way.

  25. Pam Williams
    | Reply

    So very happy for you and Bless your heart!!! Pam from Memphis

  26. Sarah
    | Reply

    Oh, Mary! I am so Happy for you and Excited for you. I am a disabled gal, and my Toy Maltese (named Romeo) has been my saving grace. I never feel alone, although I am most of the time. You haven’t loved until you’ve loved a doggie! I pray that everything will work out as you wish and soon too.

  27. Grammy Judy
    | Reply

    I think this is going to be one very spoiled and loved special puppy.

  28. Shari sack
    | Reply

    So exciting! So much fun to imagine and plan for your new buddy! And I k ow of the cutest clothes he’ll have to have! Check out
    They have super cool puppy attire for the coolest of pups! Your guy will shine!

  29. Ginny R.
    | Reply

    So HAPPY for you. I know the love our four legged children bring to us and others. Will pray for your condo board to accept your petition for your beloved Philip. Ginny

  30. susan
    | Reply

    I agree with Sarah, you haven’t loved until you’ve loved a dog. It will be so much fun and okay there might be a little frustration on a rare occasion., you know when you wonder if maybe you aren’t both speaking the same language. hahaha!

    • Sarah
      | Reply

      Thank you, Susan, for making me feel less stupid about my post. I don’t usually post and it’s kinda like the “speaking” in front of the class syndrome! My little Romeo does balance on my arms for pretty much everything I do. He senses when I’m upset and gets up in my face trying to comfort me. Doggies are so precious!

  31. Bob Collis
    | Reply

    I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!

  32. Rosemary Small
    | Reply

    I can promise you you’ll learn to type, sew, read and many other activities with Phillip on your lap. I have three cats, Ambrosia, Nefertiti and Tristan (Tristan is older than the girls and born during my Arthurian pet naming period). At the moment Tristan is sitting on my lap, butting my arm for pats while I type – of course he’s getting them. I’ve found there’s not much I can’t do with a cat on my lap – hand or machine sewing, quilting, knitting, writing, typing etc. have all been perfected in very quick time. All it takes is a little patience and ingenuity.

    My two dogs, Cleo and Aslan, are Saint Bernards, and nearly all my dogs have been larger than lap size, so I’m much less experienced with multitasking while a dog sits on my lap, but I think as dogs are much happier to just be with you than cats (who know the world is all about them so if they want a pat they darn well get a pat) it should actually be easier.

    Now, I will tell you, there is no way you can do anything with a ferret or two on you lap. Yep, I also have two ferrets, Pandora and Loki (along with a veritable menagerie of other pets), who require constant wrangling when on my lap, climbing my torso, on my shoulder, around my neck, down the other side, along my arm and back on my lap, only to start the trek all over again. Affectionate ferrets are a full time job when they take time out of exploring the house to let you know they love you. So you are very wise to choose a tiny dog over a couple of ferrets.

    I have lots of stories I’ve written about the menagerie on my blog. Here is one I wrote a few years back, showing what life with ferrets is like, if you’d like to read it.

  33. Lashonne
    | Reply

    Mary , you need Philip Larkin. He will change your life for the better. Trust your feelings and enjoy your life with him.

  34. liz
    | Reply


  35. Summer
    | Reply

    If I couldn’t have my dogs with me, I’d move, too. Heck, I’d live in a tent and bathe in a river, though I’m very partial to bathrooms with running water. But I’d have my dogs! (Who, ironically, don’t like bathing in rivers, creeks, bathtubs, or really anything with water in it.)

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