Mary + Pendennis + Quiltfolk Patterns : My First-Ever Vlog!

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I just had to talk to you about this, face-to-sorta-face! Announcing Quiltfolk Patterns is very exciting and I hope you like what we’re making. You will be amazed at the price we’ve set. You will be amazed at who we got as our first Revival Quilt designer. I’m so excited for July 4th I can’t stand it. I fly to New Orleans tomorrow. I hope this video isn’t too long, but it’s my first time vlogging!

It was actually pretty fun and I didn’t have to type!



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  1. Jeanann Montney
    | Reply

    Prayers for travel mercies. I’m excited for this pattern idea.

  2. Kim
    | Reply

    Seriously! Whaaat!!! This is so very happy news! This hits all the areas that interest me in quilting. I too love the new and modern but what moves me and excites me is the old, the mystery of the maker, fabric and happenings of the time. I imagiNe bringing this all to the forefront again. Old and new and fresh! I really feel like I have been tuning into the same frequency of what needs to happen next. I am hunting quilt tops that have been forgotten or abandoned with intentions of seeing them completed. Quilts that travel through time and space to be made must be special, right? Chills! Thank you Quiltfolk!!!

  3. Patty Stagl
    | Reply

    That was fun! Vlog, blog, all good! Nice to hear your voice, too.

  4. Karen
    | Reply

    I love video blog…you have to do more of them!

  5. Dayna from Wisconsin
    | Reply

    look forward to hearing more from you!

  6. Michele Meacham
    | Reply

    Okay … you’ve got me … you’ve GOT me beyond excited!! I totally feel like I am there with every issue of Quiltfolk … I LOVE every thing about quiltfolk!! I can’t wait (but I gotta ~ right?!?) … I can’t wait to see what y’all are gonna do ~ this is so very exciting. I am already signed up to the early bird thingy (I think I am ~ gonna double check!) Thank you all for what you are doing for the quilt world, I love, Love, LOVE Quiltfolk!!! I cannot stand when people say it is so expensive because to me Quiltfolk has such amazing stories!! Thank you again … Michele

  7. Bob Collis
    | Reply

    I too love the vlog! Look forward to the next one!

  8. Nicole Hannah
    | Reply

    Fabulous Mary! Looking forward to seeing the patterns, quilts, and makers.

    I’m also looking forward to the time when you do a video-link trunk show/talk in your pjs* for my guild. Safe travels!

    *pjs are optional
    **clothes are mandatory though

  9. Catherine
    | Reply

    Love the video, Mary!…..and congrats on your new position. You were just beaming on this video and you look very pretty, too. Love Quiltfolk and look forward to this next issue and the patterns.

  10. pat roth
    | Reply

    Congratulations on promotion!! Can’t wait to see the first pattern!

  11. Cathy Melancon
    | Reply

    You are adorable and so funny and I love your enthusiasm! The vlog was great and I do think you should continue! I cracked up when you said you wished you could see us!! Oh my!! I am gonna jump on the early bird pricing right now. I think the work y’all do with Quiltfolk is nothing short of amazing. The Quiltfolk pattern plan sounds very exciting! Thank you, Mary!!

  12. Nancy Rudy
    | Reply

    Loved this.. and love the idea of the traditional quilts being used for inspiration – I love the “old” patterns. Also, that bookcase behind you is terrific.

  13. Annie
    | Reply

    Hi…your vlog was great! I’m going to check out subscribing to Quiktfolk…thought the patterns were going to be in the magazine. Will see about early subscriptions.

  14. Alyce
    | Reply

    So much fun! Thanks for the vlog. Hoping for more.

  15. Rebecca
    | Reply

    This is so exciting! Even while listening to your vlog, I was over perusing the website, signing up for early patterns and subscribing.
    By the way, spell check doesn’t care for the word vlog either. lol
    Anyway, I am so glad that I caught you today!
    God bless!!!

  16. Karalee
    | Reply

    Cosmic..I just received a mailing about your magazine,to subscribe. Haven’t seen it anywhere,but will check Barnes &Noble like to see one,then order. Glad to have heard your blog, was fun. Have missed seeing the old show, but sounds like bigger and better. Thanks for the updates.

  17. elizabeth a hinze
    | Reply

    I think you need to dig deeper…
    Why does it need to be a “famous quilter”?
    The idea is cool, but…..
    I don’t know..

  18. Kelly Ashton
    | Reply

    First, huge CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion to Editor-in-Chief of Quiltfolk Magazine (book; magazine;….) . Awesome!!!

    Next, wow! Just wow!! I’m so excited about this pattern concept! Way cool!! Can hardly wait ‘til July 4!!

  19. Kelly Ashton
    | Reply

    Oh, you and Pendennis did a great vlog!!

  20. Sally Nesser
    | Reply

    Wow, this is a little scary Mary?
    I was thinking of you so much today. I drove from Clarinda IA to Madison WI and stopped at the Iowa Quilt Museum. I was just blown away with the beautiful display of Victoria Wolfe Findlay’s work and her commentary. So I feel pretty sure that some time she will do one of the modern versions. Also with your theatre back ground you are more than a natural for doing Volgs. Also so excited for l the great things happening in your life now. Enjoy, Enjoy.

  21. Lois Wilhelm
    | Reply

    Sounds absolutely wonderful Mary!!! We talked in January, when you were in WI, that I have some wonderful vintage quilts that fit your description and this idea!!

  22. Candy Burmeister
    | Reply

    WOW, now that was FUN. THANKS for sharing with us. Your vivid, fun personality made it make me excited for this “journey”

  23. Mandy Laseter
    | Reply

    Mary! You are so adorable! I loved your vlog. Congratulations on your promotion. I just wish that I had subscribed to Quiltfolk at the beginning. I look forward to seeing what is offered in the patterns.

  24. Pamela
    | Reply

    Is it possible to get a transcript? I am not a fan podcast/vlogs.

  25. Gerry Fix
    | Reply

    I hope you do more vlogs! Congratulations on your promotion. I bought the magazine recently at Barnes and Noble to see what it’s like. I have not yet looked at it but look forward to reading and looking at beauty. There are some back issues I’d like if they’re still available, Iowa being one. I love your blog site, your Mom’s site on FB too. I feel like I know her from her MPT show. One of the best quilt teachers! I feel comforted by memories, when I see her show—memories like the love of fabric.

  26. Michael J
    | Reply

    Hey Gurl,

    why not vlog once a week anyway? Pretty cool.

    Michael J

  27. Judy Wright
    | Reply

    My first ever comment! Had to tell you how nice to hear your voice again, miss you on TV. Congrats on your advancement at Quiltfolk…I’m hooked now will have to sign up now. Volga more, love it..Take care of yourself.

  28. Kasandra
    | Reply

    I’m very intrigued and hope to bring this up at my guild meeting today in Pensacola Florida !!

  29. Helen Marie
    | Reply

    ❤️ quilts. ❤️ history. Can’t wait!

  30. Sarah
    | Reply

    Love seeing you again. I’ll probably never see you for real, so this was a big treat. I LOVE the new idea for “Quilt Folk”. Sort of like a grandparent and a grandchild getting together and sharing ideas. Super!

  31. Barbara
    | Reply

    This vlog is so you Mary, and I just love it! I will be signing up for the early bird pricing right now. And . . . congratulations on your new new position. Quiltfolk is so lucky to have you.

  32. Nancy McIntyre
    | Reply

    Well Well Missy! Soooo exciting! So thoughtful – and only from you! Heading to sign up now.. and don’t I wish I could be fly on the wall! ( Hmmmm maybe a future chance for a reader to tag along!? huh? Huh? oh yes, you can experiment with me! LOL.. brilliant idea….

  33. Lori Collins
    | Reply

    Hey Mary!
    Congratulations on your promotion!
    I’m already getting Quiltfolk magazine…. love it!
    Looking forward to seeing the patterns…. what a great idea for presenting old and new quilts.
    Keep up the good work!

  34. Grammy Judy
    | Reply

    Love the Vlog, need to do more of them so much more personal. The new Quiltfolk concept is very intriguing, I am like you and love learning the history of our quilts.

    P.S. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!! on your promotion,

  35. Margie Love
    | Reply

    Will the patterns be a part of our current subscription or will it be an extra subscription apart from our current plan? Sorry, I’m a bit confused. Sounds wonderful. I’ve been doing this for years – reproducing an antique quilt in it’s original colors and making another one in contemporary new fabrics.

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