It’s My Birthday and I’ll Blog If I Want To — I Want To!

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It’s my birthday!

I am on a plane!

I’m headed home from the long trip and I have a couple days before I go out again, but that’s okay, because I like it. If you stay at home, you have good days and bad days and stressful days and non-stressful days and birthdays and days that are not your birthday, right? Right. I have all those days but more planes in mine than other folks might. (And fewer than some others do!)

Today has been two parts fabulous and one part challenging. The two fabulous parts were that I woke up feeling vital — that’s fabulous! — and I saw my sister Hannah in New York City for lunch. Fabulous again! (Flight arrangements needed changing a few days ago and in the changing, a layover in NYC was created, thus, lunch with Hannah.)

The challenging part is that I’m not perfect and I’m in charge of people, now. I have only been in charge of myself, really, in this life. I’ve worked in ensembles a lot; I’ve been part of many teams. But like, I manage people. I ask people to do things. Worse yet, I tell them things that we will be doing. Like, “We are traveling this date and this date, so … pack, baby!”

My brilliant friend Heather — who you know from this glorious scene two years ago and from my post about my deep love of her here — is a production goddess at Quiltfolk and she books a lot of travel for the location shoots. I answered a question for her incorrectly about dates. I gave her wildly wrong dates. She was like, “Ooookay … so … that’s … new ” and did what she was supposed to do, which was talk to the photographer and the writer going on the trip about their flights.

Panic ensued.

So I feel dumb, because wow, was I wrong. And people scrambled and freaked out like they had gotten something wrong but they hadn’t at all. It looked like I don’t have my schmoo together, even though I think I mostly do, considering just exactly what is happening in all of our lives right now. Certainly, I am getting good at surrounding myself with remarkable people who can help me manage it all.

Anyway, I had spaghetti at the airport! It was remarkably good for being airport spaghetti. And there’s still one more birthday gift to go: When I get home, Nick will be there. I told him all I wanted for my birthday was a clean kitchen.

“I think I can manage that,” he said.

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  1. Judy Holmgren
    | Reply

    Glad you and Nick are still an “item”.

  2. Judy Holmgren
    | Reply

    I’m glad you and Nick are still an “item”.

  3. Jeanann Montney
    | Reply

    ♫Happy Birthday to You!♫ May your year be blessed.

  4. Irene
    | Reply


  5. Kelly Ashton
    | Reply

    Enjoy Nick and your clean kitchen! Happy birthday, Mary!!

  6. Sharon
    | Reply

    Happy birthday! Best wishes for a great year to come!

  7. Judy Trask
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Mary! Sooo enjoy your blog! Warms my heart and makes me smile!

  8. Jann Adams
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday! It’s my husband’s birthday also – definitely a great day!

  9. Mary Lou Maloni
    | Reply

    Happy and blessed birthday Mary

  10. Marcia Healy
    | Reply

    Happy birthday Mary Fons! And thank you for making us all happy with your writings!

  11. Charlotte
    | Reply

    Happy birthday to you! And happy birthday to me! Except I’m round the other side of the world so a day ahead, which means a day later than yours. But a year or two earlier I believe. My husband forgot my birthday, maybe I should ask for a clean kitchen. You’re very right, it would be nice.

  12. Judy Forkner
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday, Mary! Nick’s a gem!!!

  13. Susan Yvon
    | Reply

    “Happy Birthday Mary!”

  14. Ann Bailey
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday, Mary! God Bless you always.

  15. Dianne
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Mary!

  16. Richard Stofer
    | Reply

    Airport spaghetti?!!
    Brave, very brave

  17. Vickie
    | Reply

    Oh Mary, That’s called a screw up. We all do it . You will do it again.
    The difference in good leaders and bad leaders is good ones take responsibility, apologize then problem solve. Also when someone else has a screw up , that works with you, same thing. They admit, apologize, problem solve and you support them. You just showed everyone how you are going to handle mess ups. A very Happy Birthday to you

  18. Linda Duff
    | Reply

    Happy (now belated) Birthday to you!!! ❤

  19. cindy
    | Reply

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!!!!! May this one be the BEST ever!
    Let’s see – handsome man cleaning my kitchen for my birthday? Oh Yeah!!!!! Great present! Go Nick!
    Love you Mary!

  20. Lesley Gilbert
    | Reply

    Belated Birthday greetings – hope you got your clean kitchen 🙂

  21. Karen
    | Reply

    Yes! I agree! A clean kitchen would be a remarkable birthday present! I hope you got your wish.

  22. Christine Houghton
    | Reply

    Happiest of Birthdays! Life is good and you have a male companion to share it with. What more could you ask for?

  23. Joan
    | Reply

    Happy birthday, Mary!!

  24. Cindy
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday! Mine is Friday!!

  25. Georgeanna Couldry
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday!

  26. Carole
    | Reply


  27. Peggy
    | Reply

    Happy birthday Mary!

  28. Michael J
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday! Mary Ann Fons,
    and many more,,,,,

  29. Nancy
    | Reply

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!! Hoe you have a great day! You share it with a good friend of mine and with my
    Great Granddaughter, so I think you’re in good company.

  30. Carr
    | Reply

    I missed it. When did Nick come into the picture?

    • Mary
      | Reply

      Do the search box for “Nick”! 😀 I love you!!!!!!!

  31. Lori
    | Reply

    Happiest of birthdays to you!!

  32. Rebecca S
    | Reply

    Yay! Happy birthday!

  33. Lori Walter
    | Reply

    Happy birthday, Mary!! Love your posts!

  34. Mary Louise
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday + 1 Mary!

  35. Pam Putt
    | Reply

    It’s my birthday too!

  36. Bob Collis
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Mary!
    (Belated here; on time on Facebook)…

  37. Ginny
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Mary!!! Enjoy your clean kitchen courtesy of Nick!

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