Thank You … For the Hairdryers

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So often, it seems that something which used to be a given — because we live in a civilized world — we are told, “I’m sorry, we no longer offer that. ” Or perhaps it’s, “That is no longer included in the price of this thing. ” Or maybe it’s, “The cost of this arguably simple and sensible thing will now be added to your total bill.”

Luggage is often no longer included in the price of your airplane ticket. You have to pay more for your checking account, but there’s really no reason given as to why. There are “service taxes” for many, many things and, if you’re in Chicago or New York, I happen to know, grocery bags (or department store bags, or any bag) is not a given. It is literally not given. You pay 10 cents a bag, because … Because they say so.

But here at this Hampton Inn, on location for Quiltfolk magazine, I have reason to bring you the good news. We have cause to rejoice. Because there is a holdout in this world of “no longer included.” Oh, but she’s a small, small thing, but she grants great gifts, and in the spirit of gratitude, I praise, praise, praise! the soulless, corporate monolith that is the hotel chain industry for leaving her be. She is the one, the only, the ubiquitous:

Hotel hairdryer.

There she blows.

In every bathroom. In every hotel but the seediest, scariest, no-tell motel in the nation, it seems. Sometimes, she is screwed to the wall and she is ear-splittingly loud and barely effective, but she is there. Sometimes, she is very small, almost a toy. Many times, though, she is wrapped lovingly in a drawstring bag, tucked under the sink or in a nook. She may live in that bag in the closet, but she is there. In extreme circumstances, you may have to ask for one at the front desk, but you shall have one. For now.

Thank you, hairdryer for still being there. I don’t want to pack my hairdryer when I go on a trip. I don’t have room, I don’t have patience, and I just need you to be there, okay? And you are. You are always there.

Powers That Be of the hotel chain industry, please, please do not remove the hairdryers. Let the hairdryers live! I know how you’d remove them: You’d say you were protecting the environment, cutting down on energy waste. That’s what you did with the linens, you know, and you didn’t fool anyone. “Linen changes are done by request only. We’re saving the environment, one sheet at a time!”

Malarky! You’re saving your bottom line. But it’s cool, it’s cool.

Just keep it hot …

With the hairdryers.

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  1. Judy T
    | Reply

    Yes, was at the Hampton Inn , Grafton Wisconsin and the hair dryer was a dream. Not just off and on. But setting choices. It was smooth and not trying to blow the hair right off your hair. Pleasant experience.

  2. Jennifer
    | Reply


  3. Mrs. plum
    | Reply

    Amen! I, too, am grateful for hotel hairdryers.

  4. Barbara OC
    | Reply

    Yes, they are there, but when they work well, with not too much noise, ahhh, that’s a good thing. I guess it’s a secret where you are!

  5. Carole Farmer
    | Reply

    Amen Sistah! Well said and so true!

  6. Linda Duff
    | Reply

    I’m always WAY too chicken to travel sans hair dryer and for this reason:
    S E R I O U S L Y !!!!
    ’nuff said…….

  7. Susan Macy
    | Reply

    One of the first things I check for in a hotel online even before I travel – is there a hairdryer!!! It is heavenly no matter what it is not to have to carry along a hair dryer near and far. I was just in Italy and every hotel had a hair dryer!!

  8. Wilma Bland
    | Reply

    Have to enjoy the Hampton Inn at Puyallup WA — not only the hair dryer, but the iron and ironing board in my room. Little did I know that the breakfast I imagined would be the coffee, tea, o.j. and Danish pastry was honest to goodness real food — not the oatmeal though — that became perfected by the third day and my last breakfast with them. Oh, and here they still came and changed the linens and cleaned the melted ice in the bucket away and provided fresh. I will never not at least consider a Hampton Inn as among my first choices to stay. And it did indeed start with that wonderful little hair dryer!

  9. Judy Forkner
    | Reply

    When they first put the dryers in the drawstring bag, I couldn’t find them–thought they’d done away with the dryers. Called the front desk & they explained where to find the dryer!
    When you have to pay for a bag at a store, it probably is because they are trying to save the environment. It’s really not difficult to carry one of those little fold up reusable bags in your purse to pull out when you’re shopping & need a bag. And it really does make a difference if enough people do that!

  10. Robin Gabriel
    | Reply

    Ah, hair dryers! Every time I go on vacation I think about bringing a dryer (since I love mine!) but, like you said, they are always there, so why waste the packing space? Now, if only they all had magnifying mirrors, I could travel in luxury!

  11. Rebecca Koster
    | Reply

    Funny! I’m at the Hampton Inn in Orange City Iowa. Just used the hairdryer and I’m headed to breakfast. You are right, Mary. It is so nice to not have to find room for a hairdryer in my suitcase!

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