Tips For The Beginner Quilter In All of Us (A Diagram-Chart-Schematic-Graphic)

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Everyone likes shapes. That's Grandma Moses, by the way.
Everyone likes shapes. That’s Grandma Moses, by the way.

I’m in Cleveland at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo show. I’ll be teaching today; tomorrow, I’ll teach again and then give a lecture. If you’re in the state of Ohio, you should do the following immediately:

1. Eat a buckeye
The candy, I mean! Not the sports fan, tree, chicken, or passenger train that also use the term “buckeye.” Eating a passenger train… What’s wrong with you??

2. Drive to the OSQE show.
It’s at the I-X Center. I don’t know what I-X is for, but is there any better place for us all to find out than in the actual I-X Center? Clearly, there is not.

3. Come find me!
I’m wearing pants, shoes, and a top. And earrings. And a necklace. And bra and underwear, naturally, and I’m deodorized and flossed. Can’t miss me. Shouldn’t miss me, really. We can rap about the tip sheet up there. It’s full of good information for beginner quilters of all ages and stages.

4. Gimme one of those buckeyes.
I smell peanut butter on you. You’re holding out. C’mon, man, hurry up… No, just do it quick! Just be cool! Aright, aright. Now we’re talkin’… Mmmm…

:: munch munch ::

The End.

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  1. Liz Flaherty
    | Reply

    I LOVE the tip sheet. I’m at about 50% on the safety glove, but I’m getting there!

    • Hey Mary, I wish I was in Cleveland but when I discovered you were going to be there, your class was full and I had other stuff. I hope you are feeling better. I have done some very basic quilt stuff on my blog (shameless plug) because I am teaching myself so I am making a record for others who have suddenly discovered they love fabric and stuff. Do not own a glove, but maybe I am daring the gods and karma. I have necked my fingers but never a bad cut, but I can see the utility.

  2. Debby Lee
    | Reply

    Mary Fons, I LOVE your blog. I follow you on feedly and when I get to read one of your posts with my morning coffee before I head to work, it makes my day. I seriously wish I were in Cleveland. I would feel like you did when you met Tim Gunn. Thank you for the “never, ever, ever, ever make a beginning quilter feel stupid” box on the graphic. I have been made to feel stupid, accidentally I am sure, but nonetheless….

  3. Carol
    | Reply

    Hey Mary Fons…any way we could get a heads up about where/when you will doing ANY KIND speaking …teaching…poetry…dancing…painting…mime…anything? Would have loved to go to this quilt show but knew nothing about it. Thanks Mary Fons!

  4. I was just there today! Even though you were wearing the top, pants, etc., I missed you. But I did see some great quilts from the Fons & Porter staff and there was quilting and sewing inspiration at every turn. The expo was a lot of fun. I-X is a shortcut for International Exposition Center. Sorry for the nasty, rainy weather. Sometimes Ohio is prettier than it was today. At least it wasn’t snow.

  5. ChristaQuilts
    | Reply

    Love it!!

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