Live Performance: July 5th + 6th: QUEER, ILL and OKAY in Chicago

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Promo image from the upcoming show.
Promo image from the upcoming show. Visit for more info about tickets and such.

I’ll be back in Chicago next month for a one-weekend-only event that is not to be missed. Well, I’d better not miss it, I’m in it. But you shouldn’t miss it, either.

JRV MAJESTY Productions, a powerhouse of a production unit, honestly, has put together a program of solo performers, monologuists, presenters, etc. to deliver an evening of pieces on the topic of being different. Some of the performers will perform pieces on being queer, some will discuss further rarified qualities of being “other,” and some — like me — will perform a brief (15 minutes or so) piece on what it’s like to live with a lousy chronic illness. I feel pretty “other” sometimes, but I’m honored to be a part of this evening of extremely talented, fellow “others,” whatever kind of “otherness” they cop to.

I posed for the portrait above a few weeks ago. My piece involves my journals. I’ve spoken about them before. I brought all my journals from the past three years to the shoot; we spread them out on the floor and then I lay on top of them. My current journal (and a pen) are in my hands. The photographer, Kiam, who was wearing a sari and made me feel instantly comfortable under his lens, got just above me on a footstool and dangled dangerously over me, contorting and cooing as he aimed for the perfect shot. I think we got one, though I keep peering at the words in the journals to see if anything scandalous can be deciphered. I think I’m good.

Chicago friends, hope to see you. And everyone: hug an “other” today.

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  1. Cameron
    | Reply

    Wish I could be there! Make sure to post if you’ll be performing in NYC!

  2. Sydnie
    | Reply

    This sounds awesome! I’m so bitterly disappointed NOT to be sent to Chicago that week!

  3. Judy
    | Reply

    How does one get tickets for this unstoppable performance?

    • Mary Fons
      | Reply

      Hi, Judy! I think you go to the Tumblr blog — link is under the picture — and there is info there. Also, just do a google search for the event and you’ll find tickets that way! Hope to see you, gurl.

  4. Jan
    | Reply

    How do you prepare for that? How do you decide what is important for the audience to walk away with? Do you make a few notes and the rest is just you and your life? Wow. I’m in awe. And, no, we can’t read the words you are laying on!

  5. Taylor
    | Reply

    Hey Mary– I too have lived with a devastating chronic illness for most of my adult life (I am 31 now). I was functional until about three years ago when, after graduating from school, I suddenly became 10 times sicker. I look normal and healthy though, so it is difficult for people to understand. Invisible illness is poorly understood and people look at you and think you’re fine. Thanks for being willing to tell your story and give a voice and face to the issue. Chronic illness sucks, and support is critical to pushing through. But people have to hear the true experiences of those with chronic illness and put a face to the cause to begin to process what it really means (especially those of us that are younger that aren’t “supposed” to be sick). Thank you. 🙂

  6. For those wondering about tickets for QUEER, ILL, & OKAY an event will be up and live next week with info! 🙂 Stayed tuned. Quite excited to have such luminaries amongst us for this show!

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