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Giant dog ears! Run! Photo: Me
Giant dog ears! Run! Photo: Me

When making patchwork, one often has to snip what are called “dog ears” from units that create triangles. Dog ears are tiny. Quilters will know what I mean; non-quilters have to be delighted that we call bits of triangle-shaped, confetti-sized bits of fabric “dog ears.” It’s adorable! We also have scissors we call “snips” and when we rip out seams, a common term is “frogging” because: “rip-it, rip-it.”

The above picture is one I took from the floor; an ant’s view of a pile of dog ears. Though I didn’t collapse on the floor yesterday evening, I did have to sit down on it for a minute. I’m feeling quite poorly. I think it’s iron. I saw the dog ear pile and thought it would make a good picture from a level perspective. I’m headed to a clinic in a few hours to hopefully get a blood draw and see what’s what. Maybe I’m just suffering from acute ennui. It’s possible, but would ennui make my legs feel like my legs are moving through syrup? I was so tired last night while I ate soup, I considered putting my face in it. It wasn’t the soup I was after but the opportunity to rest my head.

If it’s not iron or ennui, I’m not sure what’s going on with me, but add to the list a touch of depression; I haven’t been sick in some time and have been feeling fit as a fiddle. It always seems like a matter of time, you know?

Needles are awesome. My appointment can’t come soon enough!

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