‘My Bookshelves Runneth Over’ — The Quilt Scout is IN!

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It's like this, except for quilt books. Photo: Wikipedia, natch.
It’s like this, except for quilt books. Photo: Wikipedia, natch.

I have a problem.

It’s a book problem. I’ve had it for awhile, but the beast has grown a new head without me cutting off any of the others.

The second Quilt Scout column for July examines this. I know not all of my readers are quilters and, in a friendly kind of way, of course, don’t immediately zip over to the Quilt Scout to see what I have to say specifically to the quilt world at large. It’s okay!

But for those who know the secret handshake, I think you’ll enjoy “My Bookshelves Runneth Over”, which is about how I now have essentially a whole separate library for my quilt history books.

Don’t judge me. Monkey.

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  1. Ann Bailey
    | Reply

    I enjoyed your article. I’d love to collect both old quilt books and old gardening books.

  2. Beverly Letsche
    | Reply

    I had a book problem long before I had a fabric problem. I have many shelves devoted to cook books, even more devoted to quilting. Then there are all the “normal” books. Fiction, history, gardening, nature, religion, dictionaries by the dozen…..If the walls ever collapse, the roof won’t reach the ground as the books will hold it up, no problem.

  3. Nancy McFall
    | Reply

    A book you will enjoy actually started as a movie! How often does that happen? “Anonymous Was a Woman” was published by St Martin’s Press in 1979. The author is Mirra Bank, she also produced and directed the movie for public television in New York. It was part of the series “The Originals: Women in Art”.

  4. Shelley
    | Reply

    I purged my books recently. I had to, since I love books as much as fabric and having been a quilter for more than 40 years I was being overwhelmed but not a single quilt history book was removed from my shelves!! Techniques come and go but I find something new in those fabulous books from the 80’s and 90’s every time I read them.

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