A Super-Secret Mission!

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"Animal locomotion," Plate 156. Eadweard Muybridge, 1887
She’s kind of like a ninja?? (Image: “Animal locomotion,” Plate 156. Eadweard Muybridge, 1887. Courtesy Wikipedia.)


It’s been hard the past few days to touch base because I can’t tell you where I am!

It’s true: I’ve been in [REDACTED] for the past couple few days because I’m on assignment for this magazine and I can’t let the cat out of the bag about which state Quiltfolk’s Issue 05 will spotlight. Not me, Satie! No way, Monet!

And while it’s fun to be a lil’ ninja and fly under the radar, it’s also the pits: I can’t write to you about all the things and I can’t even do any Instagram stuff! Believe me, I’m in a very cool place with crazy-good photo opportunities. The Instagram stuff can wait, but it’s torture to not write up what I’ve seen and the things I’ve experienced since getting here yesterday morning. I just need you to help me download things, you know? Downloads of the mental variety. This is something you help me with.

Agh! Okay, one thing:

It’s been so horribly hot in Chicago; we broke records all week last week with temperatures in the low- to mid-90s. I hate a summer that stretches into October, and of course it’s all just very anxiety-provoking and confusing and frightening, all this extreme weather.

Anyway, I experienced a fall moment today and it took my breath away, honestly. There was a quicksilver chill in the air and when it whistled through me, my entire life-in-autumn flashed before my eyes. Autumns of my childhood (the sharpened pencils, the trick-o-treats); the autumns of my young adulthood (the cigarettes outside the bars, the late-night rehearsals); the autumns more recent (the leaves downtown, the frost on the windows of the cabs in the morning.) But in that moment when you first feel the fall air, all the autumns blend together and it’s just your life, in technicolor, in a sweater.

You will love Issue 05 of Quiltfolk.

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  1. Michael
    | Reply

    Ok, I just fell off my chair reading this, because umm, [ redact ed] is simply beautiful this time of year . Giggles. Hope your trip is fantastic!

  2. Patrice
    | Reply

    Glad to hear you are enjoying some fresh fall air!

  3. Nancy
    | Reply

    OMG your talking about Quiltfolk #5 and I can’t wait for # 4! It is the very best Magazine ever!!!

  4. Emilio
    | Reply

    You’re the 007 of quilts.

    Beautiful last paragraph! Damn…

  5. Barbara
    | Reply

    I also hate when summer runs into fall, actually, I start counting the days till fall in May!
    I was going to subscribe to Quiltfolk, but too expensive. I’ll hope to see it through your eyes.
    Have fun wherever you are.

  6. Gina
    | Reply

    Guess you are NOT in Hawaii.

  7. Carmen
    | Reply

    Fall is my favorite! I felt the crisp air one morning last week and had a little shiver of delight. Enjoy your trip!

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