Monkey’s Choice

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The monkey, the mind, the mischief. Photo: Me.
The monkey, the mind, the mischief. Photo: Me.


I am too tired to finish the intricate, brilliant, genius post I was working on just now. I almost fell asleep and did one of these:

“So I was saying to the nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”‘l;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;”

… which is what happens when a gal nods off mid-keystroke.

Yes, it’s been a long day of press for the newspaper and it’ll be a longer one tomorrow. And since I’m doing the reset diet thing, which saps energy at the beginning of it, I’d better change my strategy. I think I should toss it to Pendennis tonight and ask him to give you a few archive selections.

As I’ve mentioned here and there, Claus and I talk. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. He said something yesterday that was really hard to hear because it was so lovely and sweet and romantic. I think I said something like, “Claus! Stop it! Oooh, I hate you, I hate you!” but I think he knew what I meant.

Anyway, Pendennis dug up a Claus-related post to start with; this is the post about the robbery we experienced in San Francisco on our long trip across America two summers ago.

What else has the monkey picked? Let’s see … Oh! He says you should go back to the whole “I’m leaving New York City” thing and the day-by-day roll-out of “Where will I move next?” proposition. If you’ve never read through that PaperGirl era, you’ll enjoy it. Start here and keep reading the days following it.

And speaking of that era: Remember my rat infestation?



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  1. susan culham
    | Reply

    So sorry you arent feeling well again. You were so wonderful at or 30th anniversary event in Hillman. Get some rest and take care of yourself.


  2. Rachel
    | Reply

    Crazy that Pendennis picked that section of your blog! I’m down with a cold this weekend and read July 14-January 15 of your blog yesterday. I enjoyed every minute – I love your writing.

    • Mary
      | Reply


  3. Sue
    | Reply

    Mary, You were fabulous in Hillman on Thursday. You are so different (in a good way) from the TV Mary Fons. Your reset diet sounds like a chore. I hope that you are allowed cheat treats from time to time. Take care.

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