The Reset Diet Begins Tomorrow

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Thank you, thank you, to the ladies I spent time with in Michigan yesterday. What a great day it was! The leaves on the drive up and drive back were stunning — but they had nothin’ on you, girls.

In other news, I did a lot of food prep in the kitchen this evening because tomorrow, difficult as it’s going to be, I will begin a round of my dreaded-but-amazing “reset” diet. I’ll tell you what I mean in a second.

My guts have been having a hell of a time this year because I’ve been eating with no regard to my intestinal health. Being so gimpy in the gut department, I’m supposed to avoid certain things and generally eat foods that have been stamped “anti-inflammatory.” Yeah, well, guess what my favorite lunch is when I’m zipping from one thing to the next? Pizza, of course — and we’re talking a cheesy, saucy slice from Pauly’s around the corner, not some kind of gluten-free, “mock” pizza made on a cracker and a prayer. (You think that’s gonna get this woman through two classes, an advising session, a trip to Michigan, and three writing assignment deadlines? Ha!)

Beyond that, I’ve been enjoying a falafel here, a coffee and almond croissant breakfast there, and so on. Not a lot of veggies. Lots of pasta. And oh, the sugar … Sophie gave me a whole bag of candy corn punkins’ last weekend and they’re gone, now.

The good news, I guess, is that at least I don’t see that my wack-a-doo grad school diet has gone to my hips; this is probably on account of all the walking and/or literal running I do every day to get to all the places to do all the things. The bad news is that intestinally-speaking, I’ve hit the wall. My tum hurts all the time and I’m so sick of constantly excusing myself to go to the bathroom. I take medicine for this stuff but my belly situation doesn’t have to be this tough. I can manage a few things, diet-wise, and make it better. So it’s time.


The last time I did the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) was a couple years back, when Yuri and I were in New York City. I was having a very, very hard time with my health situation at that point, so I did the reset and yes, it helped. Read this and you’ll understand what I’m beginning tomorrow.

I’m telling you about this because I need to stay accountable — and I also need support. Embarking on this “medicine” is not easy. When I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be waking up to a long week of nothing but hamburger, homemade jello, and homemade yogurt. And chicken broth. That’s pretty much it, and it’s not so fun.


When you bear incessant knocks and rumbles in your belly like I do; when you are exhausted/demoralized from the daily effort of endless bathroom trips; when you want to remember what it was like before you had a bowel disease that took you down hard, a tough diet doesn’t feel so tough.

It tastes like relief.

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  1. NotThatJen
    | Reply

    Sending good wishes for feeling-better-ness! Maybe I should do that…. Not feeling so hot with my food choices either. Definitely room for improvement. Eating like a 17 year old is not a good idea, I think. Must. Do. Better! Ok. I’m on board. You’ve inspired me. I will!

  2. Mary
    | Reply

    You can do it!

  3. Lauren
    | Reply

    My thoughts are with you. I need to do a whole 30 and am putting it off.

    • Gsully
      | Reply

      My husband and I just finished a round. Never thought I could do it! We are feeling great, Now we are eating Paleo. If we can do it, anyone can.

  4. Kelly Ashton
    | Reply

    You can do this, Mary!! I undersatand that this diet isn’t easy. The feeling better will be SO worth the challenge!! I so want for you to feel better so that all the “doing” in your life will be that much more pleasant!! And, the “simply being” will be better, too! Sending thoughts of loving support to you! Xo

  5. Colleen Sain
    | Reply

    Mary, you must take care of yourself before you do anything else. You definitely have our support.

  6. veronica
    | Reply

    Hi Mary ,
    Thank you for sharing , & letting us join with you on your journey. I love reading your writing, & it never really matters what it’s about . You have such a gift , & thank you for describing the moments of being human , that sometimes most of us find hard to fathom , because we don’t have that language. I have an autoimmune disease., & discovered Sarah Ballantine ( AKA The Paleomom)

  7. veronica
    | Reply

    She’s written a couple of fantastic books , with su, visually gorgeous & easy to understand. Her cookbook is incredibly helpful , with so many ideas & mealans. She has a great website , but the books really are worth getting. Good luck with the next couple of weeks. , & I hope you feel much better really soon. Veronica ( Ireland)

  8. veronica
    | Reply

    Should read –
    Such , & meal plans predictive txting !!

  9. Lisa
    | Reply

    For your homemade yogurt have you considered buying an Instant Pot with the “yogurt” option? I understand it makes great yogurt. Best wishes for you and your gut!

  10. debby
    | Reply

    WOW, GOOD LUCK! I’m guessing the homemade yogurt is so that you don’t get any unwanted additives? I make homemade yogurt myself, just because its fun to do and I love the taste of it.

  11. Kathryn Darnell
    | Reply

    So glad to be back in civilization where I get Internet access and find the latest news from you. Now, I love dry camping in the wilderness but I do miss a few things and you are one of the big ones. I understand about your diet difficulty. I recently found out the issues I had were a ton (17) big things I can’t eat without setting my mouth on fire and blistering my gums. Here’s a partial, oats, rice, corn, apples, berries, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and it goes on and on. I am forgiving myself for getting a little cranky that soy is in everything and corn syrup lives in every sweet thing on earth, so Mary, it’s allowed…you get some guilt free cranky,

  12. Marissa Koop
    | Reply

    I have celiac disease, and have spent the last year on a full Auto Immune Protocol (AIP) diet in attempts to calm the out of control inflammation that’s been going on in my body. So I understand the journey that you are embarking on. The good news? You’ll probably start to feel better sooner than you think. Know that you have people in your corner, rooting for you across the inter-webs!

  13. Kate
    | Reply

    As one IBD sufferer to another, I feel your pain. I haven’t tried the SCD, mainly because, despite what the author says, her daughter had Celiac not IBD.
    Recently, I have been reading about gut microflora, a fancy name for germs. Fascinating stuff. I bought the book by Jeannette Hyde. Her approach is a bit less radical.
    I no know how to make my own kefir, a skill I didn’t think I needed.
    Good luck on the reset. I’m cheering for you.

  14. Narda
    | Reply

    I am always ^reluctant^ to give advice. BUT at the recommendation of someone I trust very much, I added Vital Protein’s Collagen Peptides to my diet. This alleviated man of the symptoms of my mild UC,. Only adding this I hoped that it helps!

  15. Monkey's Choice! - Mary Fons
    | Reply

    […] day of press for the newspaper and it’ll be a longer one tomorrow. And since I’m doing the reset diet thing, which saps energy at the beginning of it, I’d better change my strategy. I think I should […]

  16. Elaine
    | Reply

    Give yourself a day or two of rest if you can. I am also on a restricted diet and it can be difficult….but you will feel better.

  17. Heather
    | Reply

    I’m in the same boat and trying to regain gut health after most of the summer of junk.. I do cook everyday.. always from scratch… but summer means too much wine, goodies, chips, hotdogs etc etc etc
    So now, no bread, sugar or wheat.. just salads, meat, oil, little fruit, minimum dairy.. lots of water.. no wine or booze..
    I’ll cheer you on.. you cheer me on
    Good luck from

  18. Britiney
    | Reply
  19. Michelle
    | Reply

    You’ve inspired me! Today I started drinking shakes that are plant based. I also have intestinal problems. I should try the SCD diet but couldn’t stick to it. So I am doing the shakes. I have Collagenous colitis. The Drs. just want to treat it with steroids but I am trying a change of diet. You know what food does. Good luck.

    • Mary
      | Reply

      Michelle, good luck! The thing with the SCD is that it’s designed to “starve out” the harmful sugars and other inflammatory gunk that really hurts us with gimpy guts. Do what works for you!!!!! Just watch out for additives in shakes and things bc they can have a lot of hidden stuff in there that will keep you right where you are. But PLEASE: Do what works. People offer me a ton of advice all the time and sometimes, you just gotta do you. xoxoxo mary

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