Quilt Moment of Zen No. 93711: The Golden Circle Ladies, c. 1973.

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The Golden Circle ladies, c. 1973. Image: Wikipedia.


Hello, beautiful.

I know you’re just dying for sparkling prose and/or investigative journalism, but today’s post will be simply a quilt moment of zen. Here’s why:

  1. I’m on a super-secret business trip, which means I can’t write about what I did today. Or yesterday. Or what I’ll do tomorrow. I will, but I can’t right now.
  2. I keep falling asleep while I’m typing.
  3. The above picture is incredible and you just need to see it.

This picture was found where all my pictures are found, Wikipedia. But it came by way of the gov’ment; The image officially belongs to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). I tell you this because NARA has a lot of interesting photographs and you should go look through all 90 billion of them (or however many there are) on a rainy day. I mean it!

Anyway, this picture was taken in 1973 by one Charles O’Rear near Lincoln, Nebraska, and the glowing, generous spirits in the picture are listed as “members of the Golden Circle Senior Citizens Club of Fairmont.”

Don’t you love them? Don’t you just love them all down to bits?

Quilts are good for calming spirits; quilters can do the same. Well, not all of them. That lady in the way back looks a little grumpy.

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  1. Liz Flaherty
    | Reply

    We had a picture of my grandmother and her “circle” holding a quilt they’d finished–a Double Wedding Ring–that looked remarkably like this. I remember the article saying that the ladies were disappointed that it would take them “all day” to get one quilt done. I was amazed by that then–still am! Thanks for sharing.

    • Liz Flaherty
      | Reply

      I mean the picture looked like yours–not the quilt. Duh.

  2. Celesta
    | Reply

    The lady in the back probably just didn’t have enough coffee for the day, or her bunions were hurting! She deserves a break, at least in my opinion! She did after all work really hard on that quilt, I’m assuming the others wouldn’t have allowed a slacker?

  3. Linda Duff`
    | Reply

    I’m forwarding this post to my niece in Fairmont, NE. Perhaps she can do a “name these ladies” contest for you!
    (and I’ve certainly got some ideas rolling around in my brain about your secret trip!!!!!!!!) 🙂

  4. Jennifer T
    | Reply

    Would be interesting to know where that quilt is today.

  5. Helen Lewis
    | Reply

    I bet she looks grumpy because they all worked on it and only one could win the quilt in the drawing (the lady in front with the smug smile won the quilt).

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