A Year Ago, In Germany

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It’s not me, but it’s kinda me. Image: Wikipedia.

Every once in awhile, I allow myself to dip into the past and see what was what when the Earth was last in this exact(ish) spot in relation to the Sun.

That is how it works, right? If that’s wrong, my Earth-to-Sun relationship comment, then we know absolutely nothing has changed since last year, as I am forever getting things like that wrong. I know I’m supposed to be horribly embarrassed but somehow never am!

As I thought about doing a dip into the ol’ PG archives, which you should know are kept here on the internet and not in the Library of Congress YET, it dawned on me what I’d find: Germany.

This time last year, I was in Germany. I went to Berlin last winter, during my break from grad school to visit my friend Claus and the trip was … Wow. But not like, Vegas-wow. More like Band-Aid-rip-off-wow-that-hurt-wow. Ow-wow, in other words.

If you’re reading this right now, there are three possibilities regarding the unfolding of The Germany Trip here on the ol’ PG:

  1. You’ve been reading me for at least a year and you totally remember The Germany Trip and you’re making this wince face. I am making a tired face, but I was wincing a second ago.
  2. You’ve been reading me for a long time but have a selective memory, so you’ve selected to forget how I traveled thousands of miles and found myself touring a Stasi prison in January, in Berlin, as fat, wet snowflakes fell on my head … for love.
  3. You’re new! And you’re interested now for sure.

If that last one is you, boy, are you in luck! I happen to have a veritable bouquet of links for you.

Perhaps begin with this post, wherein I announced my plans for the trip. Oh, what a happy lass I was, playing in the fields of low-cost international airfares. Then read this, where I’m a week out from leaving and full of anticipation and curiosity. Then move to this post, which finds me physically safe in Germany … but emotionally perilous.

After that, it’s a domino, really; this post is pretty pathetic, tone-wise. Content-wise. Heartwise. (Or not-so-wise, I guess? Hard to say.) And this one, yikes. 

Anyway, that was pretty much exactly right now, a year ago, the Germany trip. My word but it was cold over there. Good hot chocolate, though, and I rode the bus all by myself. By the way, if either of us get too melancholy reaching into the mists of yesteryear, there’s always this post from a year ago next week, which is a script in which a woman (me) has a fight with her vacuum.

Also, what’s up with mid-January bringing “ow” to me two years in a row?

I blame the Sun.

6 Responses

  1. Li
    | Reply

    I was hoping to hear more about leftovers. Alway thinking positive, here. Take care.

  2. Kerry
    | Reply

    It’s the lack of light – gets everyone down – but spring is just around the corner. We just have to sit through a bit more winter with dull days a little longer. Then the trees will start to bud and leaf up, flowers will be opening up and sunshine to warm the hearts . . . and feet . . . and hands . . . and noses. I’m lucky – I live in the countryside and the snowdrops are out. We still have a rose in flower (crazy!), a hebe which was a cutting taken by my father years ago, penstemons and a perennial purple wallflower which hasn’t stopped flowering in 3 years – great for bees and butterflies needing a top up over this rubbish season! I’m looking outdoors at sleet falling. Yuk! Sometimes I think a bunch of flowers is enough to cheer up anyone – when the outdoors comes indoors. If they are perfumed then even better!
    Hang in there kiddo.

  3. Colleen Tauke
    | Reply

    Oh, so true, it’s been a tough year. Hoping that peace comes to our hearts and homes soon. Miss you Mar. praying you find solace in knowing prayers are being said for you. Love ya! —-C

  4. Sarah
    | Reply

    Been there. As Charlie Brown from “Peanuts” said, “Pain hurts!” Only thing to do with it is pray and write about it. Get it on paper. You don’t have to share it now, or ever. But use it.

  5. Bethany
    | Reply

    I often wonder about Claus when you mention or allude to him. I have a picture of him in my mind. Google racecar drivers Michael (sad story) and Ralf Schumacher.

    • Mary
      | Reply

      Wow … I haven’t read about them, yet, B., but … Those are good-looking fellows. Not too far off with Claus. 😉

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