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Welcome to The PaperGirl Sunday Evening Post.

One of the best parts of the roaring fabric auction going on right now — click here for info on that if you need it — is that you and I have been able to hang out more. Doing a once-weekly post is what makes sense for me right now, but merchandise waits for no blogger.

My sincere thanks to all of you for the hip-hip-hoorays regarding the condo purchase. It’s thrilling, indeed, and I feel like you’ve come with me through this whole thing. The auction looks like a success, which is terrific. The bread from the boxes will be put into good use; I foresee those uses including but not being limited to: paying for the cleaning of my apartment before the tenants move in; paying the movers; doing the internet set-up, gas, electric, etc.; tipping the pizza delivery guy, probably several times over the course of the next couple weeks. Thank you. (Remember: On April 1st, thirteen (13) more boxes will go live to bid on, as well as quilts … and who knows what else! I’m kind of digging this eBay thing.)

In other news, I’m in Kentucky.

And though I am eager to get to the next chapter of the story of my major depression, it’s 10:15 p.m. and I haven’t the pep at the moment. I’m on location for Quiltfolk magazine and it has been a long-but-rewarding day. To begin the story’s next gnarly installment would be to steal from my already too-short night’s sleep and to write poorly for you. Do we like the sound of this? We do not. But when you hear from me next you’ll hear about the final blows, the knockout punches that took down our heroine. I’ll try my best to wrap up in that post the reasons why the breakdown occurred, to the best of my knowledge. Then I can get onto the how, the what, and the aftermath of the terribleness.

About an hour ago, in a desperate attempt to push through my tiredness and indeed write the third post in the series, I ate three handmade Kentucky bourbon marshmallows because that’s something you can buy in Kentucky. There was no booze in them, by the way (not that it would’ve mattered one way or the other.) I popped them into my mouth, bing-bing-bing, sure they would shock some energy into my brain. It didn’t work. And if three Kentucky bourbon marshmallows consumed in quick succession in a Hampton Inn in a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, can’t give a gal the fortitude to write about a nervous breakdown … she should probably go to bed.

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  1. Jo
    | Reply

    Good night Mary.

  2. Ann
    | Reply

    Good night Mary! Sleep tight…

  3. Brenda King
    | Reply

    Dear Mary- I am so surprised and HAPPY to hear you’ve purchased a condo of your own! So, you can have a doggie now!!! YAY!!! Whatever happened to cause your upset and anguish, I know you have the fortitude, and strength, to overcome it all. Time helps a lot, so does change, and gaining more control over one’s own life. Sounds like you’re going in the right direction! I’ll keep you in my best thoughts and prayers! : ) Take care, and have some fun! Brenda King

  4. Susan K.
    | Reply

    Sleep Mary….let it spill over you and give in.

  5. Rebecca
    | Reply

    Louisville, KENTUCKY? Well, I’m about two hours from there and would have counted it a privilege to meet you in person. I’m a professional counselor and applaud your transparency about your struggle. Prayers for peace as you continue the journey.

  6. Patti-Ann Kubacki
    | Reply

    Enjoy your time in Kentucky. You need your rest and look at it this way, you will be far happier with the results of your writing after you’ve gotten rest. Sleep well and keep moving forward our Heroine!

  7. Georgia O'Neal
    | Reply

    The marshmallows needed real bourbon !!

  8. Colleen Sain
    | Reply

    Rest well Mary

  9. Sue
    | Reply

    Sweet dreams Mary.

  10. Kathryn Darnell
    | Reply

    May your sweet sleep replenish your spirit and add a skip to your step.

  11. Kathy Callahan
    | Reply

    Sleep well. So happy about your condo purchase!

  12. Nadine
    | Reply

    I hope you get the rest and peace you so deserve right now❤️

  13. Sue Roork
    | Reply

    Goodnight Mary, get a good night’s sleep. I’m so glad you found a pet happy condo that you like. Now you can relax a little knowing no one will will be waiting for you to make a mistake or for your dog to pee in the hallway that was bound to happen!
    Take care of yourself!

  14. Linda Armentrout
    | Reply

    Dear Mary,
    Congratulations on your very healthy decisions to purchase a pet-friendly home so that you can have the canine companionship you want. I am so happy this is working out. More so, more congrats on your decisions to sell your stash and other items to help defray costs. The times we live in are tough and if you can do this to help yourself, bravo to you, and to the purchasers who will, for a reasonable price, procure some wonderful items.
    Many blessings to you as your journey continues, and I will be keeping you in thoughts for wellness.
    In Christ,
    Linda Armentrout, Afton VA

  15. Sarah Pegg
    | Reply

    Remember what I said that a depressed person is like someone running a temp. of 102? Take care of yourself, especially with getting enough rest. Remember, you are ill even if you are still functioning. Baby yourself a LOT — you need to and you deserve it. Hugs.

  16. Elizabeth Andrews
    | Reply

    Best wishes for continued improvement in your life. I hope you are enjoying Kentucky. I only discovered Quiltfolk a couple of weeks ago and love it. I am working my way through the back issues and am about to start Vol.6. Take care of yourself! You are part of thousands of peoples lives and we are all rooting for you.

  17. Julie Hazel
    | Reply

    Sweet dreams

  18. Claire
    | Reply

    Mary! I hope you’re sleeping well. But I have to point out–I think something is wrong with Ebay! It’s only 10:08 EST on March 27th and it’s saying there aren’t any items for sale! Did I do something wrong? Am I that bad at Ebay?? Despairrrrrrrr!

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