I’ll Be Back Next Spring: A Graduate School Limerick

I'll be back.
I’ll be back.

There once was a woman named Fons,
Who longed to stroll green, lushy lawns
And seek brain diversity
At some university
(She was desperate for book liaisons!!)

“To grad school!” she said with a grin,
(For she applied and quickly got in
To a fancy-pants school*
Where brainiacs rule)
“I can’t wait!” cried Fons, “Let’s begin!”

A team of the wildest horses
Couldn’t have dragged her from taking those courses;
Her desire was burning
To slurp up the learning,
…But there were brewing unfortunate forces.

Work travel had always excited
The Fons; she was most delighted
To travel in planes
And meet Dicks and Janes
And see all the things that she sighted,

But suitcases don’t mix with classes,
And soon, our hero in glasses
Was forced to admit,
(Though it gave her a fit!)
Work demanded she leave the school’s grasses.

“I’ll be back and studying soon!”
She said, and whistled a tune;
There was no use in crying —
You know I ain’t lying:
E’vry moment spent learning’s a boon.

*University of Chicago, boo-yah

6 Responses

  1. Susan Davies
    | Reply

    Good poem. Are you going back to school?

  2. Taterbug
    | Reply

    Ooh, congrats! I spent two very happy years of my undergrad at the U of C. At least you’ll be back in time for Scav Hunt! (There are graduate student teams, too… FYI.)

  3. Lauren
    | Reply

    Fantastic poem! What a creative way to give a major life update…

  4. Lisa E
    | Reply

    Loved the limerick. Wishing you all the best in going back to grad school. (And don’t let the argument with Yuri get you too down!)

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